Ask your friend to go to the mirror and smile. A person with a bad mood smile is obtained only through force and with great reluctance. You want the friend stood with an expression of face in front of the mirror for a minute. After this contemplation no man will not remain indifferent. Awareness of the Comedy of his grin is genuine laughter and sincere will instantly cheer up your friend. At the same time will laugh at you.
Tell a good anecdote or funny situation of life. Try to remember situations in which you took part together. Use of colorful epithets and comparisons welcome. If the first attempt to get a laugh out of friend does not work, then tell another joke. It is desirable that he was a short, but funny. Remember, brevity - the sister of talent. But do not overdo it with the jokes, and that can cause irritation to their persistence.
Let's see some good Comedy, or Comedy shows. There are movies seeing that even the most sad and depressing people won't be able to resist a healthy laugh. Some even laugh to tears. Provided that your selection is correct, your friend will be satisfied with the view, laugh for the day ahead.
Go to the zoo. Watching animals is not only fun, but also funny. That's why kids love the zoo. And every woman - part child. Observing the behavior of chimpanzees or brown bear, besides the fact that will get a lot of joint experiences, and even nasmeetes enough.
Take your friend to the circus. Relaxed atmosphere and funny entertainers will do everything for you. At the beginning of the presentation clowns make public and raise a smile even in adults not to mention children. Your friend is no exception, and she will laugh along with the rest of the audience.