There are several ways to amuse a girl by SMS. To raise the mood of the girl, use the reception of "gentle humor." Send SMS phrase related to a funny incident about which she knows. For example, that you've been walking along and witnessed a funny situation, and then joked about it. So, after reading the sentence, the girl will smile, because remember what happened the time.
The next technique is called a "Funny situation, which I read." If, during your walk with the girl never happened funny situations, tell stories, read online. The sources for these stories may be forums and groups in social networks. Do not send the message to the girl banal jokes, be original!
Another method is called: "I told the friend". Humorous think the most likely case, and then send it in messages to the girl. If a girl sent you a response, then you are interesting to her, but your story managed to intrigue.
An effective technique is "Intriguing expectation." Generally, girls are fond of esoteric topics: love horoscopes, divination, tests. In this case, the goal is to captivate and intrigue the girl. For example, send an SMS with the text: "I know, what a pleasant surprise awaits you today" or "I think that in a past life we met. Do you know why I think so?". These messages are positive and evoke curiosity. On questioning the girl's reply in a joking manner.
In order for a communication has achieved its purpose, it is necessary to observe the girl. What does she like? What amuses her? What kind of Comedy she love most? What TV shows she watches? Therefore, the message that she likes and will cheer up, will be easier.