Advice 1: What to do if she feels sad

Of course, I want my beloved man was always healthy and in good spirits. When the second half poorly, you also do not find a place, try to cheer up, to cheer and cheer.
What to do if she feels sad

What to do if loved by a girl sad?

First and foremost, you need to understand the cause of her sadness. Try to take a girl out for tea. You just need to sit down and sympathetic to talk to, to ask about that at the moment its main concern. But not everyone was immediately willing to talk about the reasons for his bad mood. It depends on the nature of the girl herself. Some in a difficult situation are closed, go inside themselves, while others share their troubles, waiting for your participation. In any case, you need to be patient and try to figure out what distressed her.
Do not leave a girl in a bad mood one alone with his own thoughts.

Regardless of whether favorite your help or not, you have to offer. The girl needs to understand that in any difficult situation she can always count on you.

Just not in the mood

Female person with a rather changeable character. Sometimes in order to get upset, they just some very minor things. In this case, try to distract the girl something – offer to go for a walk or to the beach in the winter go sledding, throw snowballs, watch a light romantic Comedy. Buy her favorite fruits or delicious dessert. Sweet, as you know, uplifting not only women, but also representatives of the stronger sex. Plan a romantic candlelight dinner or a trip to another city.
Sometimes it is enough just to change the atmosphere, cheer, and bad mood disappeared.

If you are guilty

It also happens that you have committed some act that upset her. Of course, all the people in your life sooner or later make mistakes. Now it's time to fix them. Sincerely ask forgiveness of your favorite, but be prepared that it is not immediately cease upon you to be offended. Explain the reasons for your actions, promise to continue to do otherwise. Try to assuage your guilt, a beautiful bouquet or a romantic gift to be in such a situation very helpful.

It is very likely that she just wants your attention. In this case, try to spend with your beloved as much time as possible, do not disappear without a trace, call during the day to see how she's doing.

Whatever the reason for a bad mood, just stay close, don't lose patience and treat his girlfriend with understanding.

Advice 2: What if the girl was offended

Ah, these girls, they have a fine mental organization - are on to something offended, something dissatisfied. Young people are sometimes too worried, seeing his beloved in tears or just upset. What to do if my love offended?
What if the girl was offended
If you don't know what is your fault (and this often happens because women tend to attach importance even fleeting views), try words that you have to go (cat, sun, etc.). Most likely, the offended person will soften up and stop sulking, especially if the offense is minor. But she can be stubborn, refusing to name the reasons of resentment, if not to forgive you. In this case, most likely, the girl did not like something small, and now she's punishing you.

If she does not want to say what it is and how to rectify the situation that same – then leave her alone. A young person cannot stand the character until the end. In the end, she will tell all.

In cases where you know what to blame, for example, was late for a date, embarrassing joke, because of her neglect, or has not fulfilled the promises –then you need to rectify the situation urgently, of course, if the girl you road.

Depending on the severity of your "crimes" you have to beg for forgiveness. The flowers, incidentally, will never be superfluous. Give her a big and beautiful bouquet – when you atone for the guilt, that sophistication can be forgotten. Let the bouquet is lush.

You also need to come up with something original and cute. Girls love nice gesture. Give her some original romantic gift that she will love, or of which she had long dreamed of. Maybe it will be a piece of jewelry or a plush toy.

And be sure to tell her lots of nice words, because girls love ears as you remember. Then, when you'll be forgiven, try to talk to my friend to understand better, what it can hurt, and also to convince that you care.

If your offense is serious, like cheating, gifts and flowers will not get off. In this case, the girl not only hurt – she humiliated and even angry. In this case, you will have to work hard to win back the trust of your sweetheart, and it's not one of the day.

Advice 3: What to do if in a bad mood

It is difficult to meet a person who ever in your life suffered from bad mood. All people occasionally fall into such a state. And although the reasons for the lack of a bright future are different, there are several ways to return your mood to normal.
What to do if in a bad mood

When a person has a bad mood, he's losing self-esteem, a feeling of helplessness, despair and apathy. In addition, there is insomnia, in a word, it is necessary to do something, otherwise the situation could spiral out of control, a bad mood can turn into depression, and this is a disease.

In the summer the reasons for a bad mood much less than in the autumn or winter. The nature pleases the eye, the sun is shining, life is good. In autumn the days become shorter, Sunny days give way to chilly autumn weather, and the body reacts to this change in a bad mood. In the fall when the body temperature drops, the body increases melatonin levels, forcing people to eat high-calorie foods. Not to gain extra weight and thus not to worsen and without that not the best mood to take care of the intake of nutrients, it is necessary to eat food with lots of vitamins and minerals.

In autumn it is desirable to include in the diet apples, vegetables, vegetable soups and freshly squeezed juices. You will feel much more energetic. To bring a little of joy during the day, carry in purse small chocolate bar, as soon as you feel that the degree of mood begins to fall, eat a piece.

The best antidepressant is the movement. Exercise in the fresh air or get a dog and walk it every morning and evening. Animals are often rescued from despondency, play with the dog or cat in a bad mood certainly evaporate.

For women a good helper in the struggle with dark thoughts is shopping. Pamper yourself, go shopping, even temporarily, but your mood will certainly improve.

Love, like nothing else, gets rid of bad mood, but to fall in love in order not to become a man. But you can expand the circle of acquaintances and friends, to communicate more.

So the bad mood has not led to the depression, find an occupation that will absorb all your attention. Don't forget, your mood depends on your activity, don't let depression enter into your life.

Advice 4: What to do if girl does not call

People can not imagine life without a phone. Every day people make calls, write messages. It will be strange and unusual if a day won't arrive any call, especially if we are talking about a long-awaited call from the beloved.
Waiting for a call from his rather painful

Understanding in a relationship

The relationship between a guy and a girl mean: love, Dating, kisses and hugs, long conversations on the phone. You can smell a rat, if she stopped calling and texting. First you need to remember the recent events. Perhaps the girl was offended by some words or actions, and doesn't want to communicate. Women peculiar a long time to hold a grudge and not tell why. Helpful guy immediately recognize the discontent of the girl by one glance or gesture. This is much more difficult at the initial stage of Dating. Not texting, not calling and not answering your phone is a little revenge for inappropriate behavior guy.

Why the girl does not call

We should consider other banal reasons as to why the girl was lost from sight or calls. Maybe she's just nowhere to call, broken phone, stolen, blocked the sim-card, no money in the balance, accidentally deleted the room from the notebook, and the memory doesn't remember him. The person is not insured against such situations. Do not immediately panic, have to find another way to contact the girl to come to her home, to meet from work or after school, to learn about her life through mutual friends.

Sometimes girls don't want to hurt your boyfriend and not tell him in person about the breakup. This news is extremely unpleasant, and do not know how people will react. Therefore, ladies prefer to leave in English, to sever all ties with the young man and continue not to write and not to call. Such an act cannot be called honest. It is best to have the courage to go on a conversation with a guy. To be in limbo is the hardest part.

It is important to make the first move

She can not call because she was embarassed because she didn't want to take the first step. Movies about the knights compelled to mind the young ladies that they have to accept courting from the Cavaliers, to look at, and after a time, render its verdict. But such a policy is not always appropriate if the feeling is mutual. Why not make a step forward, if you really want it. None of this act will not point fingers, but rather that the girl is signalling its clear position in relation to the young man. No need to be afraid and ashamed to Express their feelings.
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