What to do if loved by a girl sad?

First and foremost, you need to understand the cause of her sadness. Try to take a girl out for tea. You just need to sit down and sympathetic to talk to, to ask about that at the moment its main concern. But not everyone was immediately willing to talk about the reasons for his bad mood. It depends on the nature of the girl herself. Some in a difficult situation are closed, go inside themselves, while others share their troubles, waiting for your participation. In any case, you need to be patient and try to figure out what distressed her.
Do not leave a girl in a bad mood one alone with his own thoughts.

Regardless of whether favorite your help or not, you have to offer. The girl needs to understand that in any difficult situation she can always count on you.

Just not in the mood

Female person with a rather changeable character. Sometimes in order to get upset, they just some very minor things. In this case, try to distract the girl something – offer to go for a walk or to the beach in the winter go sledding, throw snowballs, watch a light romantic Comedy. Buy her favorite fruits or delicious dessert. Sweet, as you know, uplifting not only women, but also representatives of the stronger sex. Plan a romantic candlelight dinner or a trip to another city.
Sometimes it is enough just to change the atmosphere, cheer, and bad mood disappeared.

If you are guilty

It also happens that you have committed some act that upset her. Of course, all the people in your life sooner or later make mistakes. Now it's time to fix them. Sincerely ask forgiveness of your favorite, but be prepared that it is not immediately cease upon you to be offended. Explain the reasons for your actions, promise to continue to do otherwise. Try to assuage your guilt, a beautiful bouquet or a romantic gift to be in such a situation very helpful.

It is very likely that she just wants your attention. In this case, try to spend with your beloved as much time as possible, do not disappear without a trace, call during the day to see how she's doing.

Whatever the reason for a bad mood, just stay close, don't lose patience and treat his girlfriend with understanding.