The assignment of the category of conduct upon written request of the employee or the head of the Department (division, Department). You can improve skills just in case, if the employee independently performs relevant work.
To enhance discharge of the worker, create a qualification Commission. For this purpose issue the order. The airport will list the composition of the Commission and approve of the Chairman, which may be the chief engineer or his Deputy. The structure will include experts of the direction in which worker. Also there should include the chief of staff, head of the Department or unit.
In order to approve the day of holding of the qualifying examination. The employee should be familiar with the requirements of ETCS, as on the basis of them examination. He also needs to perform their own special professional work, which are set out in the tariff-qualification Handbook.
After passing the exam and practical work, make an order for the appropriation of discharge. Specify the date of entry of the order into effect, sign and return the signature of the employee. Make marks in a personal card of the employee, staffing and employment record.
In that case, if your organization is small and you do not have the opportunity to collect qualification Commission, you can send the employee for training. Please contact the employment center. As a rule, such courses are and the Commission. On the successful completion increase course will receive a certificate, a diploma or certificate on the basis of which you can raise the level.
You can also take the Commission from outside, to invite the specialists of this direction of technical schools.