You will need
  • Programs for unlocking and flashing.
The mobile network operators sell under their name are quite common USB modems, but their firmware (software) designed only for the SIM card of this operator. If you insert the "SIM card" of another operator, the modem will refuse to work, will require to enter the unlock code. To access the Internet, the device must be "open" or "unlock" - that is, to replace sewn to the device memory, another program that gives the modem an opportunity to work with SIM-card of any operator.
To unlock the modem, you need to find a special program that allows you to do it. When selecting a program be sure to consider the brand of the modem – if you try to reprogram the modem with the firmware for another model, it can spoil. Also be aware that razlozhenie deprives you of the warranty on the modem.
To start, try to find a program that generates the unlock code. In this case, you will not have to reflash the modem you just type in the generated code. Code generator free download on the Internet. About the detailed operation of the program should read in the relevant articles.
As produced different models of modems, sometimes the code generator fails, the modem still refuses to work. In this case it will have to reflash using a special program. For example, for modem ZTE MF 627 MF 626 and suitable program MF626_M02_Upgrade Tool.exe. Is your firmware for Huawei modems. Selecting firmware, make sure that it is suitable for your modem.
The process of flashing is quite simple: you must remove from the modem the SIM card, insert it into the USB port of the computer and run the firmware. The process will last several minutes, the modem will crackle and blinking indicator – do not worry, as it should be. It is very important at the time of flashing to provide continuous power to the computer: if it suddenly disappears, the modem can be hopelessly flawed. When the process is complete, remove the modem, insert the SIM card and start working. Standard screensaver connection from MTS will be replaced by another more convenient and with a choice of different operators.