You will need
  • - a program for updating the firmware;
  • - access to the Internet.
When you buy a USB modem it is necessary to take models designed to work with any SIM cards. But if you already bought the device from MTS and should use the services of another operator, the modem should "unlock by removing all restrictions. You should know that these restrictions are artificial and are not a feature of the device. Replacing the software on it, you will be able to work with SIM-cards of any operators.
To unlock the modem you need DC unlocker utility, it can be found in the network. Download it, then insert USB modem with SIM-card of another operator into the computer and install the original communications software from MTS. Start of installation will be performed automatically.
After installation it will ask you 4 digit card code, enter it. Then ask 16-digit code, in response, close connection and start DC unlocker. In the Select manufacturer select ZTE datacards. In the Select model Autodetect (recommended).
Click the picture of a magnifying glass, the program starts searching and identifying the modem. After finding the device in the output information, at the bottom of the program among the other lines will indicate the status of the modem is Locked.
To unlock modem click Unlocking then Unlock. After that, your device can be used with SIM cards of any mobile operators.
After unlocking modem it will be the old program of communication, is not always easy. A good option is to use a firmware with a very easy program HUAWEI Modem Micro. It works with operating systems Windows XP, VISTA, 7, suitable for modems: HUAWEI E150, Е156, Е160, E173, E220, E1550, E1750. For updating the firmware connect the device without a SIM card (this is important!), wait until you have reinstalled all the drivers (if the modem was not previously connected). Run the firmware program, receive the standard usage agreement, and click Next.
When the program detects your modem, click the Next button in the new window click Start. Will begin flashing stored in the memory modem program. It will look pretty menacing – the device will pop the light indicator to blink. During the program operation it is forbidden to close it, power down the computer, remove the modem, start other applications. All of this can lead to failure of the device. After the end of the program remove the modem, insert the SIM card of the operator you need and start working.