You will need
  • Skylink modem, laptop installation disk with the program.
Unzip the original packaging of the new Skylink-modem. Inside you'll discover the actual modemyou will need a USB-cords and documents, a plastic card with the sim card, as well as a small installation disk with the program "AnyDATA". Peel off the small SIM from the plastic card. Gently open the back cover of the modemand insert the sim card Skylink.
Turn on your laptop or personal computer. Download the installation disk with the program "AnyDATA". The service will appear a window that says "USB Modem Wiresess", where you will be able to see the user's guide, the contents of the disk, and to install the software "Easy Wireless Net" on your laptop. All information is available in Russian language.
Run the installation SOFTWARE. This opens the installation wizard. Just press the "Next" button and the program will be installed. Then on the desktop you should see a new shortcut "Easy Wireless Net" with a picture cell phone. Then connect the Skylink-modem to the USB socket.
Click on the program icon and you will be presented with a fun interface in the form of virtual mobile phone. Next, click the "@" (the Internet) until the phone screen appears "Skylink" then establishes a wireless connection with the local network. Go to the Internet and work!