You will need
  • - program-codes generator to unlock;
  • - IMEI code of the modem.
First, get a special program the generator for the unlock, which is freely available on the Internet. In the archive you will see two codes generator unlock for the above mentioned modems. Such an amount is required to ensure that you had the opportunity to test the generated program code to prevent errors. One codes generator has the name Huawei and other HUAWEI Calculator. Remember that they support all currently popular among a wide range of consumers models of modems.
To be able to generate the code, you should know the IMEI code of the modem, which is a combination of 15 digits as on phones. To learn it, look at the inscription on the back of the modem, on the box, on the documents to the device label or in the program install together with modem, for which you will have to go to options-diagnostics.
Now run the program located in the archive which you can download from the Internet, and enter in the code field of the modem.
In the one running your program will notice the first digit combination Unlock code is unlock code of your modem.
The second thought is to stop at the combinations of digits which are located after the foreign word "Desbloqueo". Remember, in both cases, the code must be the same.
Now insert a different SIM card, connect the modem to the PC.
Having done all of the above, you'll notice that the modem asks for a code, which you managed to generate. Change the access point by going in the option menu – manage your profile.