As a rule, any student of a pedagogical University at least once is the practice in the school, i.e. teaching your subject. The easiest way to find a job, therefore, is to stay at this school after practice or at the very least, "stake out" a place, and expressed a desire to work in this school after graduation. However, much depends on how you joined the teaching staff of the school, well if you took practice and did "make friends" with the school administration. Not the fact that you will have to wait a while. However, for those who have passed practice in school, this is a good chance to get a job without a problem. Accordingly, to think about such employment is necessary to start in the University before the internship: you should choose for practice a good school and the level of education and level of remuneration. Otherwise it may happen that you will be happy to take to school for a permanent job, but you work not want.
If through the practice to find a job failed, you can call in the municipal education authorities on the subject availability in schools. There can help that at least will talk about what teachers where required, and provide the necessary contacts. You can just take the directory of educational institutions and start calling them. In schools, just probably should be. Some of the young teachers prefer to work around school your area or to inquire about the shortage of teachers through the neighbors and friends who have children of school age.
In school you can get in the same way as the company: sites for job search. Almost each and every site (, etc.) there is a special section "Education". Schools post their vacancies. You can post your resume and send it to the desired position.
Job search - employment is quite difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, it is best to take immediately all possible ways of finding job vacancies in the school, because you'll be able to work profitably and in a very short time.