So, there are at least 3 ways for an effective device to work. To understand which is right for you, you should understand all the advantages and disadvantages. But we must remember one important rule for all methods. Have the desire and patience, then everything will work out.

Method 1. Employment center

The most common and popular method - applying for a job through the employment center. The government is trying to support young people in finding work, knowing the difficulties of youth employment. For the formation on record in this institution need to come to the district to bring the necessary documents or their copies. They include: passport, SNILS, INN, credit card details, and other as needed. After that, when there is a suitable job, you have a call and you are with the inspector at the place of work for the device.

The advantages of the search through the employment centre that you enrol formally for work, get the work book, if it was not, enter the work experience, provide good working conditions, relevant legislation, and also pay a certain amount from the cents per day. But there are disadvantages. Provided the work is likely to be low-paid, because the work you will be enough.

Method 2. Independent search

You could get a job yourself, but you need to make some effort to be active and sociable. For Teens this kind of work is likely to be the distribution of leaflets, posting them, or work with "papers". Go to large enough shops, businesses and ask if they have a suitable job for you. Do not be discouraged if the first place you failed, most likely they just have frames, go to next, and you will definitely be lucky.

The advantages of such work is that wages will be more worthy than from employment center if you do not like, you will be able to escape it, or to agree on the work schedule. And now about the shortcomings. Such work mostly does not take formally, this means that experience you will not go and be careful, it is best to conclude with the employer fixed-term contract, not to be cheated and receive all of their earned and promised money.

Method 3. Sites for job search

This method is very simple and affordable. Go to the website (the most popular now are the HeadHunter, SuperJob, fill out a resume and wait for a call from an interested employer. Or send yourself a summary in any place of work and wait for a response from the company.

The pros is that you can choose for yourself a job that you like, look up reviews about it, just learn about salaries and available job openings. Only minus is that you have to go to the interview, and sometimes a long time to wait for a call or response. Also on websites you can just look for a job, i.e., you find the number in the place of work, call him and find out about job vacancies you are suitable, then go for an interview.