Before you choose a job, read with article 63 of the Labour Code. It says that at the age of 14 to enter into an employment contract is possible only with the consent of one of parents (guardian or Trustee) to the light work in your free time.
The most popular among teenagers the job of a promoter. Its essence is to distribute flyers (leaflets) or participating in various promotions. In the first case, you need to stand near the subway or in a shopping centre and handing out leaflets. In the second case you will need to advertise certain products and advise customers. To participate in promotions related to the food, you must have a medical certificate. The benefits of this work include a flexible schedule, as well as an hourly fee, which is normally daily or weekly. The job of a promoter can be found, looking through job ads in print publications or on Internet sites.
Another possible form of income for a 14-year-olds - putting ads. Often this work can be found in the area of residence, because the sticker is needed for many firms - for example, real estate agencies. Ads need to stick on special information boards at the entrances or to put them in mailboxes. Wages piecework, schedule a free. The day this job could take about 2-3 hours. After posting you will need to make a report: how many ads pasted and what places.
A delivery job suitable for teenagers who know the city perfectly oriented in it. Another requirement for this specialist is mobility, after all, the task of the courier is to deliver a particular product (s) in time. Search work it is best to start with your district. Also, it can be arranged by courier for an ad in some publication, for example, a free advertising newspaper.
Another option for teenagers - fast food chain - for example, "McDonald's" or "Bistro". Such places are happy to take to his youth. Without any problems to take a job at 16 years old, but sometimes (exceptionally) can take before - 14 years. These companies can provide a 14-year-olds such jobs as dishwasher, cleaner or distributor of leaflets. The fast food chain provides its employees with advantageous conditions: official employment, flexible hours, decent wage, work in a friendly team etc.
To find work on the Internet. For 14-year-olds it can be testing computer games, click your ads, viewing and registering on various websites, writing reviews on the forums (posting). There are other types of remote work: writing texts (copywriting and rewriting) design services (design of web projects, creation of banners and advertising images), programming, etc.
To find a job in 14 years, you can apply to the employment Center in your area or in the Centre of employment of youth. You will advise on employment legislation, help in choosing profession and employment. You may be offered environmental or light agricultural work, landscaping and other species. In this case you will get a guaranteed employment contract and payment of salaries.
In the early summer of employment centers hold job fairs where there are booths with vacancies for students. In addition, especially for applicants from 14 to 18 years annually is a festive youth campaign: "Tomorrow is the working life!" Participants of this event will find a few thousands of vacancies, consultations of lawyers and psychologists, as well as a festive concert, competitions and a raffle.