If you want to earn and gain work experience in their specialty, then count on serious earnings is not necessary. After all, the employer much easier to take to a specialist with already a finished education, than to spend time on student learning. In addition, full-time students are not able to work full time.
The most viable option for the student is to apply for a jobnot requiring special qualifications. Of course, mostly low-skilled or low-paid work, and that discourages students. But don't take the first step, it is impossible immediately to take a leadership position.
Where can you look for work? For students, the easiest option is to find a job can be specialized sites for job search. When you query jobs don't forget to send us your CV which must be correctly drawn.
Another employment opportunity — staffing Agency. The disadvantage of such a job search can be a fee for the job. Some universities have their own employment center, which can be jobs from companies that purposefully seeking young professionals for practice.
We should not forget the various job fairs that are held almost in every city. This is a real opportunity to find a job, and directly from the employer. You can also try to find a way of earning through newspaper ads.
Looking for a job and through her friends. Do not be shy to ask relatives, friends, classmates working on vacant positions.
Another good opportunity to earn money — participation in promotional activities. Many ad agencies and marketing companies focused on a student audience in the search of promoters, couriers and merchandisers.
Basically take the students to work in the service sector. Numerous dining options, retail shops all the time I recruit. It's waiters and bartenders and managers. Young people can get porters, guards. there are always open jobs of janitors, cleaners, maintenance workers. Some students get money for your knowledge, sitting, for example, a tutor. You can earn and helping to write term papers and dissertations. Students of faculties of foreign languages during the training can find a work of teachers and translators. In the summer, when no classes, opportunities to find work even more. You can take part in various educational projects with travel abroad, to get the counsellors to the camps, to earn extra money in student teams.