Specify personal information of the student at the beginning of the summary, i.e. surname, name, patronymic of the student, date of birth, place of birth and home address.
Add contact details student numbers home and cell phone numbers, email address (if any).
Fill in the information about the parents of the student: indicate their name, surname, patronymic, date of birth, education, occupation. Note how many children under 18 years are brought up in the family.
Please provide information on the place of study of the student. Enter the full address of the school where the student is enrolled, add a class, write its type (General education, technical, remedial, etc.).
Write about the place or several places of receipt by the student of General education. If a student studied in several schools, it is best to arrange them in a list table. The first column indicates the years of study at the school, including the school that he attends now. In the second column indicate the number of the school and its full postal and email addresses, class.
Add information on additional education (seminars, courses, etc.), on the passage of any educational practices in the educational program, etc. Make a list of the awards that have benefited the student, specifying the activities and the date of their conduct.
Write about the additional skills that the student owns. Here you can specify the level of computer skills, quality, knowledge of languages, etc. Report about the Hobbies, interests, Hobbies and subjects that are most popular student.
Complete your summary in a single selected style. Use a writing computer with Word. Select the font type Times New Roman, size – 14 PT. The subtitle of each new paragraph, highlight in bold, maybe italics.