Advice 1: How to write the correct statement to work

Statement of work document, which inevitably fills each new employee from the cleaners to the CEO. Such are the demands of the law for personnel records: no statement, it can be neither of the order of enrollment in the state, neither the employment contract nor the record in the workbook.
How to write the correct statement to work
You will need
  • computer;
  • - text editor;
  • printer;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - fountain pen.
Statement about applying for a job, like any other, must have its own "hat". And it should be pointed out, and to whom it is addressed. Written statement addressed to the head of the organization."Cap" placed in the top right corner of the sheet. To move the text in the program editor it is better to use the right alignment, and tabs.
In the top line is written the position of head (Director, CEO or otherwise).The following is his surname and initials. All these data prompt the representatives of the new employer.In the third line you write your surname, first name and patronymic.Then you need to retreat a few lines down and write in the center (when using a text editor - using the function of the appropriate alignment): "the statement". Or: "the STATEMENT".
The content of the document is written with a paragraph in the beginning of the line: "Please take me to work...".Next, indicate the full name of company division (if applicable)and full name of the position.
For example: "Please take me to work in the corporate sales Department of the commercial Department of the company to the position of senior sales Manager.Under the text is a date.
Then, if the application is typed on the computer, it is necessary to print it out.The finished application is signed and submitted to the personnel Department (or other division, which includes staffing issues) and then the signature of the head of the organization.

Advice 2 : How to write a letter of resignation from work

Dismissal from work by the employee is, in fact, termination of the employment contract that a working citizen of the Russian Federation the right to terminate at any convenient time in accordance with article 80 of the Labour Code. For this it is necessary to write the statement to the head. This document is not regulated by any normative acts, so it can be written in free form. And yet it must contain several mandatory items.
How to write a letter of resignation from work
You will need
  • A sheet of A4 paper
  • Handle
Consider the statement, based on the current situation. For example, you want to quit while on vacation or previously used put you under the law vacation. The same applies to the time of incapacity and inability due to illness of the execution of duties. All this has implications for the computation of time, when, as a result of your expression will, terminated the employment contract. If you write the application about dismissal at own will, not stipulating additional conditions, from the time of notification to you, you will be terminated two weeks after the signing of the Declaration according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
Take a standard sheet of A4 paper and start making statements specifying the initial details in the format of "to" and "from whom". The application always write to the head of the enterprise, therefore, should first specify the position of the addressee "Director" title, surname and initials of the head. Here you can specify business unit in which you work, your position, surname, name and patronymic. In the center of the sheet write the name of the document "Statement". The text of the appeal to withstand in the business style, for this email first "Please fire me". Next, specify which posts, on what terms (on their own) and what number you want to quit. In this case, you have the right to expect that the property will meet you and you will be able to retire before the allotted statutory period (fourteen days) that must pass after notice of the management about your desire to terminate the contract.
Date of drawing up of the document and sign it.
Remember that you can withdraw the application if suddenly decided to quit. This can only be done within the allotted by law for termination of employment of time (two weeks).
Useful advice
The letter of resignation should be in writing.

Advice 3 : How to write application for employment

Every person coming to a new place of work is in the process of making for a certain position. All new employees are required to write a statement about the reception of it at work. The rules of writing in all organizations is the same, because there is a common form of the Declaration.
How to write application for employment
You will need
  • A4 paper sheet,pen, passport, details of the company
Take a clean sheet of A4 paper.
The statement of work is written in any form.
In the upper right corner of the sheet write the title of the person in whose name you write the statement. This person is the Director, the Director-General. After you specify the position of the head of the organization full name of the company.Enter the name and initials of the head of the firm in the dative case. For example: "the Director-General
OOO Stalnet"
Rudova A. M.
Write the preposition "from".Fully specify your surname, name and patronymic in the instrumental case.Enter the words "residing at".Specify the full address of your actual place of residence (zip code, name of province/territory, the name of the city/area, name of settlement, street name, house number, the number of building/structures, the number of the apartment). For example:"from Maikov, Leonid Petrovich,
residing at address: 601400,
Vladimir oblast,
the city of Vyazniki, Lenin's street, d. 15/8, square 78
In the middle in small letters write the word "statement".
On the left side and a new paragraph write the essence of the statement. In it there was a request to take on the job. For example: "Please accept me for the position of sales Manager in the sales Department from August 8, 2011
Enter the date of the writing of the statement of work in the right corner after the main contents of the statement.
Please put your signature.
Check the spelling of the statements. If necessary, correct any errors.
Give your statement of the personnel of the employee where you Park at work.
Cadre gives a statement of job the head of the organization in whose name you wrote the statement.
The Director puts on the statement of the resolutionthat you adopted from a certain date in a given structural unit. Puts his signature. For example: "Adopted from 09.08.2011 to the sales Department". So is the resolution.
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