You will need
  • computer;
  • - text editor;
  • printer;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - fountain pen.
Statement about applying for a job, like any other, must have its own "hat". And it should be pointed out, and to whom it is addressed. Written statement addressed to the head of the organization."Cap" placed in the top right corner of the sheet. To move the text in the program editor it is better to use the right alignment, and tabs.
In the top line is written the position of head (Director, CEO or otherwise).The following is his surname and initials. All these data prompt the representatives of the new employer.In the third line you write your surname, first name and patronymic.Then you need to retreat a few lines down and write in the center (when using a text editor - using the function of the appropriate alignment): "the statement". Or: "the STATEMENT".
The content of the document is written with a paragraph in the beginning of the line: "Please take me to work...".Next, indicate the full name of company division (if applicable)and full name of the position.
For example: "Please take me to work in the corporate sales Department of the commercial Department of the company to the position of senior sales Manager.Under the text is a date.
Then, if the application is typed on the computer, it is necessary to print it out.The finished application is signed and submitted to the personnel Department (or other division, which includes staffing issues) and then the signature of the head of the organization.