Advice 1: How to sell women's shoes

Consultants Shoe stores do not doze: should the customer be interested in any pair of shoes, so immediately lay off staff helpful, right and left extolling the virtues of shoes. But there are situations when no one can not get a clear answers to questions about the attractive commodity. This suggests that consultants were not given guidance on how to sell women's shoes.
How to sell women's shoes
You will need
  • - women's shoes;
  • - women accessories;
  • consultant;
  • - instructions for the sale of goods.
Distribute women's shoes in groups. Collect separately the beach, a weekend, a pleasure model. Within each group, sorting also help: stand set-up separately – shale, etc. So shoppers will find it easier to navigate the store by selecting the desired product.
Make a small price tag, if it is not contrary to the rules of merchandising place them on the soles or inside shoes women. In this case, to see the full details of the model, and to see the price for it, potential buyers will be forced to take a sample. Tactile contact is very important when selling women's shoes, because it is believed that psychologically a person believes its what picks up.
Teach staff to ask open questions, to talk to the customer and find out her needs. It will also help save time for the consultant if he will be able to distinguish between the buyer and the "I only watch". Needs clarification – a very important part of women's shoes. In accordance with the received information, offer appropriate models that reduce the time women customers on useless survey of numerous shoes.
Mention about availability of accessories it is to "this model". In most cases, girls and women tend to wear the same color shoes and bags. The latter can be presented in your store in various sizes. Consider the data requirements and the merchandising of the store, because adherence to such tricks helps to sell women's shoes.
In the "is" models use the classic praise "sandwich." First, you specify the advantages of the product. Do not try to over praise him only three or four compliments and the differences from other models. Next – name your price for this pair of shoes. This point is very important to say, because the customer will have already seen information in urbanizirovan quality, and faster will get used to it. The final moment is the reasoning for the numbers on the price tag, explain what gives a person the purchase of selected models. Before you sell women's shoes using the "sandwich", be sure to work out in this submission of product training for sales.

Advice 2 : What advertising attracts people's attention

Every manufacturer wants to attract the attention of buyers to their products. The best way to do this is advertising. A good advertisement should be attractive, memorable and persuasive.
What advertising attracts people's attention

The choice of channel of distribution of advertising

The choice of channel of distribution of advertising is the first big step to attract attention. There are several ways to advertise: in the press, in magazines, on radio, on television, on the Internet, on the streets and on transport. Each of these types has its own target audience, as well as for different acts on the human brain. When choosing the type of advertising you need to consider the cost: there are things, which, because of its price advertising is unprofitable and does not make sense.

To attract attention to your product or service, you need to understand which of the information channels does your target audience. You can use multiple channels, but you need to properly assess the effectiveness of their use. After all, if you choose one channel, but to do it correctly, the efficiency can be increased significantly.

Efficiency is called the ratio of the profits from the sale of goods or services to the cost of producing and broadcasting the ads.

The psychological perception of advertising

The most effective is TV advertising because it combines the effects on auditory and visual receptors, creating a complete picture. Of course, in many ways, this is depends on the plot: if it is unattractive and imposing of the goods is likely to disgust, and it will be a small demand. Advertising should carry positive emotions and please the consumers.

Advertising on radio allows the listener to independently finish the proposed way. By the way, haunting songs and rhymes is well remembered by listeners, even if they are engaged in parallel with listening to others. But they can often irritate them those that are constantly swirling in my head.

Great attention should be paid to visual advertising. It has its secrets and benefits. Visual images are perfectly assimilated and remembered, when properly created.

An important role plays the use of colors. Stimulating them to divide (red, orange, yellow), soothing (purple, blue, blue-green), pastel (pink, purple), static (balance: Magenta, green), and the deaf, dampening the irritation, and giving focus.

An advertisement that contains a vivid visual image, more efficient one in which only the text of approximately 41%. It is best if the picture will show people, animals, or fictional characters who use the advertised product. The product should be at the center of the image. The ad the more will be remembered if objects will pass the motion. But most importantly, what would the picture reflects the basic concept of advertising and was clear.

If the product you are promoting, new, to intrigue all. This works especially well with new places in the city. The outdoor advertising is the logo or part of it, and the signature is added, for example, in October he will come to you..". Such information is never left unattended. There is a "Zeigarnik effect" or "effect of unfinished action." The information is incomplete, and people want to know what happens next.
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