You can combine the pleasant with the useful. But simply put, sell the old stuff. This will help earn, to help people who want to buy a thing, and funds for new no.

But how to do it? Things can be sold several ways. The most common is to spread information about them on the Internet. Now a lot of resources that sell old things. First, we need to sort them into categories: shoes, clothing, baby products, appliances, furniture, etc. Then allow the things that decide to sell in decent form. To clean, wash, repair if necessary. Then take pictures with different angles. Photos should be treated. The next step is putting some photos on any resource involved in the sale of old things. This can be done and shared on popular sites, etc.), and a simple flea markets. There's a lot of thematic communities in social networks and live journals. Baby things sell well at special sites dedicated to children under flea market. Having defined the website, fill it with photos there. Now we have to come up with ad copy, because we all know that that is what the motor trade. In the text referred to the appointment of things, how long it was in operation, what condition it's in, and any additional information. Next, put up the price. About it separately. We have to see what the prices set by other sellers of similar items. No need to greatly reduce the price, simply install it in the same price range. It is also necessary to specify whether the bargaining. It remains to point your phone and wait for the call.

If you have any more valuable than shoes or clothing things that you can try to "attach" them in other ways. For example, mobile phones, and other equipment can be sold into buying. There are many on any radio. Just enough to bring the thing and sell it to the middleman. However, they offer a price slightly lower than the one for which you can sell the thing independently. But not everyone has the same access to the Internet and too much time on finding a buyer. You can still put up ads on free boards and on the posts. Option, of course, is not the most reliable, but why not try. If you have any vintage antique items, they can go in an antique shop. If the item will fit, then it is possible to get good money. You can also go to the so-called flea market where there are buyers, maybe they are looking for is your thing?

So, if you have been old, or just unnecessary things, do not rush to get rid of them, for example, so, free of charge. You can just sell any old thing, and thus indulge-earned money, and the buyer, a newfound thing. Whichever way you choose, good luck with sales.