Examine the clothing market in your city (competitors, assortment, demand). Decide the form of organization of trade (counter, self). Select what kind of clothing you will trade for what purpose, and who will be your potential buyers. It could be a shop (or point) selling women's, men's, children's clothing, etc. You can also sell and related products.
Make a business plan for your commercial enterprise, or give it to a specialist. Find out whether you have enough at the moment funds to start trading. Remember that unexpected expenses make up the lion's share of the costs to the company.
A license for trade in clothing is not needed. However, in the founding documents of your IE, OOO, etc. should be listed codes confirming that your organization is involved in trading.
Notify CPS that you begin to trade. In the statement, specify the type of product (clothes) that you intend to implement.
If you plan to open a shop, give it a name that you like, potential buyers, and it would be harmonious. Select a location for the store. If you are going to open a spot on the market, select the market that is closest to your home, and that's where comes most of our customers.
Get the necessary documents and the conclusion of sanitary-epidemiological service and fire protection in that case, if you want to start trading in a separate room or renting part of it.
Purchase goods and equipment. Make sure that all the goods were quality certificates. But if you make a purchase overseas or the capital markets, then try to advance from reliable sources to learn about the reliability of prospective suppliers. Product should flow smoothly, so I think the supply chain.
If you open a shop, be sure to give advertising in mass media, take care and outdoor advertising.
Lay the item so that it is convenient to take with shelves, hangers. Price tags should be written in large font.
Hire staff and don't forget about the protection of the store or retail outlet.