With good organization of the process, with proper selection of qualified personnel with the clearly deliberate techniques, you will be able to increase sales in the store, thereby going to develop your business.
Everything you plan to do, write it on the paper. As a draft can make such a scheme, it is suitable not only for this purpose, but also for almost all. In the centre write down: "How to increase sales in the store?". Now draw arrows from the questions, which will write the variants. Please also consult your sellers, since they work directly with customers every day and know their questions can become the basis for the idea of increasing turnover.
Way to increase sales in the storein the first place, is the service. Potential buyers can see how decorated the store, dressed as the sellers, I also draw attention to their speech, demeanor. Therefore, take seriously the selection of personnel, as well as to the appearance of retail premises. Follow one style, ask for help to designers. The buyer will always want to return there, where clean, beautiful, things neatly, and friendly sellers.
One option to increase sales is to use discount cards. Map can, for example, to give every customer in the opening day, the birthday of the store. Or give cards to regular customers. One percentage discount can be done on the entire product or different discounts on different product groups. Start a discount card with a small discount, and with the increase of the amount of purchases, increase and discount rate. This method will encourage potential buyers to shop in your store.
Following the reception – discount on the second item in the check. You can use this move: the purchase, for example, shoes, handbag – at half price. Or such two products for the price of one. For example, two pairs of winter boots for the price of one. These examples, and conducting sales use seasonal items to free up resources for the purchase of a new collection.
Effectively is also a reception with gifts. For example, when buying a skirt a belt as a gift. Actively use such slogans in the local press, if possible, on television, do the signs in the store.
Use also congratulation customer birthday. When making a purchase, ask him to fill out a questionnaire, which will indicate the date of birth, phone number, address. Congratulate via SMS or send the customer a gift certificate, even by a small amount. The buyer will be very pleased to receive your congratulations, and he will come to you in the store, knowing that you love your customers.
In addition, pay attention to where potential customers will be able to Park your car. Often clients not seeing where you can leave the car, passing by the shop.
Use methods of increasing turnover is continuously. Can alternate their first two doses, the second one following two. Potential buyers will know that you always there are interesting discounts, promotions, offers. Do not forget to complement your new scheme.