Think of a catchy title. To sell on Craigslist, you need to get noticed. Your primary task is to stand out from the gray mass of similar sentences like "sell cars" or "autumn coat for women". Incidentally, the word "sell" or its synonyms in the title do not have to use – it can even warn prompts on the website.
Make a detailed and "tasty" description. Important characteristics of the sold things, and emotional coloring of the text. Prospective buyers need to motivate and convince them to choose your product. If you sell something used, it is desirable to specify the reason for the sale. If not, it should come up. For example, I bought a new phone last old no longer need, lost several sizes – change closet. Most importantly – more positive!
Emphasize the benefits to the buyer. Why, among the mass of similar suggestions he should choose yours? What makes your product unique? Maybe you can buy winter boots with a very narrow shaft or a stylish dress-plus size – custom sizes are so hard to find in regular shopping centers! Maybe your car unique tuning? May be your laptop – even if it is a very ordinary and quite used – not to find in stores, and such a model can only be purchased from you? In the end, can your ceramic teapot for 300 rubles brings good luck and is charged to love? If you get rid of outright junk, explain to the potential buyer why it will be useful, "the old a cell phone with buttons – ideal for pensioners", "the Soviet lens for fans of manual optics", "player that is not a pity to break it". Creativity is the key to success.
Escort ad quality photos. If you don't have a good camera, borrow it from someone I knew. In the most extreme case will fit the phone, but then you have to be to work on imagery and retouching. Photos must be clear, sharp, high resolution images, with the most natural color reproduction. If you sell equipment or a vehicle, download a picture of your model on the Internet. Images sell – it is an axiom.
Think of inviting ending. The last sentence of the Declaration should call for action. Even a simple phrase like "Waiting for your letters" increases the likelihood that your call someone will respond.
Don't count entirely on vip or premium placement. Many visitors of avito prefer to ignore the vip proposal as perceive them as information noise. Such ads are a separate unit, highlighted in yellow, and cause many rejection on a psychological level, as too similar to contextual advertising.
Ignore the advice of marketers about the cost. Yeah, the pricing thing is tricky. But no one knows your product better than you. If you do not want to sell too cheap, but I'm afraid that for a lot of money generally do not sell, come up with some bonus – people love gifts! For example, when you buy the phone cover for free.