Advice 1: How to make money on "Buy-sell"

The era of "Buy-sell" is slowly receding into history. The tumultuous 90-ies of the last century today with a shiver recall the shuttles tired of having to go on a trip to Poland, Turkey or China to buy goods. Time earnings on the resale of goods or the labor of others is gradually disappearing from Russia, giving way to more civilized means of getting money. But today you can earn on the classic formula of "buy-sell", it would wish.
How to make money on "Buy-sell"
You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - the mobile phone.
If you want to earn a large sum of money, you can try to do it with the help of modern technology and by the eternal thirst of our citizens to buy cheaper. It offers several options for modern business based on the principle of "buy-sell". Here you should remember the main rule – look for places where goods are sold cheap in order to sell them at a higher price.
So where to buy cheap:

- Online store. Due to the fact that he didn't need to rent office space and pay a huge staff, cost of household appliances (refrigerators, televisions, mobile phones, washing machines, etc.) is lower than in conventional stores by 10-20%.
Catalogs of clothes and shoes. Thick directories like "Otto" from time to time arrange seasonal sales of their products – you can buy, for example, a sweater with a discount from 20 to 80%.
- Ordering clothes from the US. Prices for summer and winter clothes from America are much lower than in Russia. You can order clothes at 20-30% lower, and that's including shipping. Even more profitable, if you join a community online that collects wholesale order, you will save more extra discount.
Seasonal discounts and promotions, sales. It is important to know the exact start time of the discount. If you make it to the outlet, you will be able to purchase two refrigerators for the price of one. If your intention is to get a discount of 10-30% on winter boots, buy from in late winter - early spring. In principle, many supermarkets always have products with yellow price tags (off).
Shopping second-hand. Not all the goods in the second-hand worn and rubbed: often they get things that simply are not sold out in the store and hanging with the factory label. Sometimes to search for brand shopping you will have to review almost the whole range of second-hand.
Sites that sell discount coupons. Here you all should be clear: buy for a penny discount coupon, and then purchase a merchandise with savings from 50 to 90%.
- Wholesalers that sell goods in small quantities.
So, it was a source of cheap goods, but where and to whom you can sell it? This is your acquaintances, relatives, friends and work colleagues. To get their benefits (10-30% of the cost), you can:

- to hand over the goods in a thrift store;
to sell in the market or in a private store;
- to find buyers using newspaper free classified ads or through the Internet;
opening your online store, do not need a lot of money.
The system is simple – in one place I bought cheaply, to sell at a higher price.

Advice 2 : How to resell

When demand exceeds supply, sellers-individuals and small firms are vulnerable and at risk to fly off the market due to lack of working capital. To avoid having to pay suppliers for not yet sold a product, it is necessary to invent a special scheme.
How to resell
Create a network of clients. It can be a client base with contact data. You should be able to get in touch with all potential buyers. They need to know you and look favourably on proposals. For communication can be used by sales agents, managers, working for phone or e-mail. To collect database use free activities in which customers fill out a questionnaire to obtain important information. Warn that will periodically connect, but do it only about that interested in people.
Receive from customer pre-orders before negotiate with suppliers. Pre-order is not associated with the payment of money, but it is important for prospective buyer took the initiative and declared its intention to buy the product/service. To receive pre-orders direct customer base offer. All participants put in a separate list and continue to work only with him. So will save other people from the database from unnecessary messages. They won't complain that you are sending unwanted advertising and will not refuse cooperation in the future.
Take the goods for realization. Agree with the vendor that will return the unsold goods. You can not guarantee that all the people included in the list of pre-order will pay for the purchase. Therefore, the necessary agreement with the supplier. The talks will inform that work with regular customers, and the product will not lie around somewhere in the warehouse: everything will be decided in the next few days.
Make the customers a particular offer. Let, the number of items is limited and the timing of payment is possible only within a specified period of time. Can add to purchase enjoyable small things to encourage customers to instant decision. Think about the amount of profit and make customers the delivery, special packaging or gift.
Return to vendor unsold copies. Do it quickly. Don't hold your goods in the warehouse.
Useful advice
Keep stats to know how much profit on average brings to every customer. This will allow you to plan advertising investments in the expansion of the customer base.
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