It is not enough to write a compelling and catchy ad text. Very necessary and important to make it as available to read the greatest possible number of people.

Posted in obscure places, texts of ads ineffective. Spent on their creation time and money will be wasted.

Places for allocation are selected carefully, with a mandatory analysis of the presence of the target audience of potential buyers or customers on the type of goods or services referred to in the ad.

Promising placements

The days when ads were visialis columns, fences, elevators, and doors of the entrances were.

First, it is punished with administrative fines. Second, they do not hang long. In the best case, will last one evening, while they do not relieve workers of municipal services with the onset of the working day.

Therefore, to advertise in a specially designated and established locations. As a rule, stands and boards permitted by households and local authorities.

Use for gluing is the only high-quality adhesive not exposed on the surface of the paper not affecting the text. It is best for this purpose is PVA glue. If it is possible, then distribution involved volunteers. Or hire sticker, with unprecedented control over the job.

Practically near each entrance, bus stops are stands for display ads.
As a rule – are places of forced accumulation of people. Ads often read while waiting for the bus, trolley-bus or tram. The entrances are equipped with intercom, waiting when to open the access door.

Boards for ad placement is in the Elevator, but the owners of these advertising sites are a lift of economy or dispensation. So you'll have to pay for best place. The effectiveness of advertising in the elevators is difficult to overestimate. With their mass comes the potential buyer and consumer services.

How to identify the places where your target customer

In determining the places where it is supposed to advertise, it is important to consider the place most crowded of the consumer of specific services or buyer of a particular product.

For example, will not be effective ad as a manicurist in the booth at the beer bar. Visitors of such institutions ad text is not interested in principle, but it is specialized women's services they are not interested at all.

Selling cars faster succeed at the parts stores and service stations.
Sale wedding dresses and accessories, you'll find a buyer in areas of application for registration of marriage.

Ads about finding a good owner for a kitten or puppy are more likely to resonate at stops at kindergartens, schools and health clinics.

Sale of apartments, installation of Windows, doors and the computer repair has the potential customers almost everywhere. This kind of services has a narrow specialization, and to find their customers in any able, more or less frequented place.

To expect a quick sale, or stream of clients, without spending time and effort on the design, the text, the analysis of placing of advertising leaflets, at least, naive.

Returns can only be the case if the majority of the habitats of the target customer will be widely covered. Use of the couple, posted, even in the most favorable places of the texts will be almost zero. Correctly chosen place and a large number of posted ads will definitely bear fruit.