Advice 1: How to sell clothes wholesale

Business owners always want to gain profit. So manufacturers focused on increasing sales. To the sales volumes were high, it is necessary to have a well-branched network of sales, but more profitable to sell the goods wholesale.
How to sell clothes wholesale
You first need to take care of competent is. If your company doesn't have its own Internet website, that should solve the issue. Better to entrust its development and promotion established in this market professionals. To do this, give them all the necessary information about your products, prices, conditions of work with wholesale buyers. Better if your site is not just informational, and will provide an opportunity for consumers to make purchases on the spot.
To make sure your ad covers the largest possible audience, you need to pay to distribute a lot of effort and time. It is therefore advisable to hire a competent advertising Manager. He will have to determine what tools will attract more wholesalers. Depending on the kind of products, you can actively use the exterior panel Board advertising, advertising in Internet directories, specialized media, daughters of the ads. You must have a set of printed materials: business cards, brochures, catalogs with full information about the product.
To attract the wholesalers, you have to create for them favorable conditions. It can be not only discounts, but also special maintenance, additional services (e.g., free transportation, placing information about them on your Internet site).
To sell more, hire a few professionals engaged in cold calling your potential clients, sending business proposals, negotiate the terms of transactions. You can also create a network of sales representatives involved in visits to consumers in each region.
The original motion to increase the wholesale organization of a network of franchisees. For this you only need to sell the franchise for a reasonable fee, to help buyers to organize a business, to provide them with special conditions. In addition, you can give them the goods on realisation.

Advice 2 : How to sell clothes

Trade is one of the most reliable types of business, even in the period of falling consumer demand caused by the economic crisis. After all, people always have something to wear. It is not surprising that many novice businessmen, decided to open his own business, trying to sell clothes. But there are some nuances, pitfalls. The product was not stale, demand, make a profit, the dealer clothes should observe some simple but mandatory rules.
How to sell clothes
Immediately define the target audience, i.e. due to what category of customers you expect to obtain the profits. Based on this, pick up the assortment of clothes.
The rule is to sell clothes at that price, which would seem beneficial to the majority of customers. Examine the assortment and prices of other stores located near your point of sale. Try to keep similar products have cost a little cheaper. Then an initial profit reduction will be compensated by the increased sales turnover.
Calculate all necessary costs (rent of premises, salaries to employees, etc.), lay in the cost of clothing is relatively small profit margins. Remember, your main task at this stage – in every possible way to attract buyers.
Bet on everyday clothingthat are in the moderate price range. First of all, it pants, jeans, suits, shirts, dresses, blouses. Such a product will always be in demand. Closer to the summer season can be supplemented with a range of light jackets, t-shirts, shorts.
Pay special attention to the selection of suppliers of clothing. Take some time and effort, how to learn market manufacturers and dealers. Your main task - to find the optimal conditions of cooperation with suppliers, to stipulate in advance the issues about wholesale discounts, delivery dates, possible complaints etc.
Quite naturally the desire of businessman to buy wholesale party clothes as cheaply as possible to get more profit when selling. Nevertheless, remember the wise proverb: "miser pays twice." If the clothing display in your shop, is frankly low quality, you will only scare away customers.
To sell expensive, exclusive fashion to the beginning businessman it is not necessary. Even in a prosperous period such product does not always sell out quickly.
As soon as the store is working, you should use the promotion. For example, the buyer who will purchase apparel in excess of some minimum level receives a coupon for a discount on subsequent purchases.

Advice 3 : Where to buy clothing wholesale

Clothing wholesale you can buy directly from the manufacturer, at the flea markets of China and Turkey, in Chinese online shops for wholesalers or warehouses Stok in Europe.
When you open a clothing store, it is important to establish channels of supply
To open your clothing store you need to consider how you will deliver the goods. It is important to consider not only purchase price, but also the characteristics of your business. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. In what price segment will orientirovany store?
2. What market niche will it occupy? Whether it's the shop casual or evening wear, for children or adults? Are you going to sell seasonal items or uniforms for employees of enterprises, costumes or lingerie.
3. What makes your shop different from many competitors ' stores?

Choose a provider based on his business skills, minimum of lot size, the ratio of price and quality, and also offer a range of sizes.

Clothing from the manufacturer

Direct supply will help you to achieve lower prices in comparison with competitors, a commodity which has passed through a long chain of intermediaries. Various B-2-B services will help you to contact the manufacturer and sign a mutually beneficial contract. It is good to buy a product from the manufacturer, if you are going to occupy a narrow niche in the market and sell one or two products, such as leather jackets, school uniform or swimwear.

Made in China

If you want to offer customers a great variety of casual clothing for the whole family, you can order the product in the Chinese online stores. Many of them provide large discounts to wholesale buyers, and some do not work with retail. In the Chinese online hypermarket offers a huge range of clothes wholesale on all occasions, and is used by most of the entrepreneurs, opening small shops.

When purchasing clothing in China, be sure to mention features size chart Asian manufacturers. Not be amiss to inquire the seller a certificate of quality.

Remains sweet

If you want to open a shop low prices, but do not want to sell Chinese consumer goods, the obvious choice is the stock center or second-hand. The Internet is easy to find contacts European warehouses that sell clothes of varying quality all containers and bales. These providers sort through massive quantity of the goods unsold in the stores, and mark of the party depending on seasonality, type and consumer properties of the product. To trade stock things require serious investment, but the profit is high, given the growing consumer interest in fashionable clothes at affordable prices.
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