More thorough study of the names of all the Shoe shops in the city or the area where going to open your shop. You ought to strive to ensure that your title was unique, not repeated with the names of existing stores and the problems with the competitors will avoid, and will not mislead the buyer , and will not suffer from the bad reputation of the eponymous shop.
Identify the priorities in the title, and exactly what you expect from him? Sharpness and clarity to the buyer looking at the title, immediately knew what product is waiting for him outside the door of the store - there will be "Shoes", "Shoe", "Shoes for the family", "Shoes at the Cherry". Or is it important for you sound, originality - "Oh! Shoes", "Washmachine", "Amadeus", "Shoe garden", "seasons", "Italian".
Avoid uninformative names such as "Helena", "Sicilia", "Francesca". Try to keep the store name is still spoke about such product characteristics as price category ("shoes", "Shoes Elit", "Stamboul"), product group ("Slipper", "Toptyzhka" - shoes for children "the Queen" - only women's shoes "Italian" - shoes from Italy - footwear), manufacturer (the store name corresponds to the name TM: "Monarch", "Antelope", "ECCO", "Baden").
Write down on a sheet a few came to mind names, will choose the best two or three of them. Organize a mini-survey, showing the list of names of friends, relatives or even strangers (for example, on a local Internet forum) - let them choose the most suitable option. Based on the result, and, perhaps, relying only on their opinion - after all, the store is in the end yours take a final decision!