For a start go through unnecessary things, to see what will actually sell, and what better to throw away or use for rags.
The last "casting" things need to prepare: wash, print spots (if necessary) by Stoke. Domestic appliances also require prior training. Check out their performance, because even if they have maintained a great appearance, in addition, they need to perform their functions. It is naive to believe that someone will want to buy faulty devices.
After the preparation stages are passed, it is time to move to the most responsible in this matter. For a successful sale, you need to correctly write the ad. In the Declaration, specify all the advantages of the thingsyou sell. Do not forget to specify the size if it is clothing or shoes.
Next step, lay out an ad on any popular website (,, etc.), specializing in the sale of things used. Will not be superfluous, if you make a few photo sold things. Necessarily specify the contact phone and wait for the call.
You can simultaneously submit an ad in a newspaper, for example, "hand in hand". The more advertisement you already have, and to invent anything not necessary.
If you have a lot of things used, don't hesitate to use the services of thrift stores. They are happy to accept all your things. There is only one disadvantage of this method of sales, you will have to pay the store for the storage of items prior to their sale.