With regard to the fundamental principles of sales, they are very few - only 3. Following them, you can, if desired, to learn to sell anything.
To sell must not actually a product or service, and the decision problem for the individual. In other words, the product can be great by itself, service is efficient, but the buyer doesn't want to pay the money, if not be sure that buying that offers him a salesman, he will thus satisfy your needs. And tell him about the virtues of the product becomes meaningless – he will not make a purchase.
As the product or service can help a person in solving his problems? For example, selling a ticket, a travel firm sells a good opportunity to relax and rejuvenate or get a new experience. Selling an apartment, agent offers not just a room with certain characteristics, and a place where people can relax or work, comfortable housing, where it will be comfortable to accommodate with your family or to retire from the world. Any proposal must come from the needs of potential customers and a good salesman should ask yourself the question: why this particular product or this service to the person to whom he refers with the offer.
People do not like to solve problems independently, to think, and seeking solutions. If there is someone who offers them a ready solution to their problem, they accept it with joy and willingness. The more convincing the seller can prove to the buyer that buying the product or service will solve their problem quickly and efficiently, the more readily the purchaser will acquire a offer.
People like to realize its importance and rightness, so a good salesman will not argue with the buyer, even if absolutely sure that he is mistaken. Agreeing with a potential buyer, from any sentence of a dialogue with him with the recognition of his innocence and demonstrating an understanding of doubt, the seller creates an atmosphere of trust between themselves and those with whom you negotiate. The goal of a good seller is that the process of dialogue to bring the buyer to believe that the goods or service proposed to be purchased, it is absolutely necessary. The man seemed that he independently made the decision and it will be internally happy with yourself and your purchase.