To register private entrepreneurship, submit to the appropriate registration authority a signed statement in the prescribed form. The signature of the private entrepreneur must be certified by a notary. Among the documents must be a copy of the passport and the document confirming payment of state duties.
The collected package of documents for registration of private entrepreneurship, submit to the inspection of the Federal tax service in the place of permanent residence of a natural person. There are 5 working days you will receive a full package of documents or a reasoned refusal of registration.In the documents issued as the result of the registration of the individual entrepreneur, will include: an extract from the uniform state register of individual businessmen, the certificate on registration of the businessman and the certificate on INN assignment, if it was not obtained earlier.
All the documents about an individual business keep carefully and accurately, and provide, if necessary, only notarized copies. If you lose your documents, then recover them will be extremely difficult.
For registration of individual entrepreneurship, you can contact the relevant company. It will provide the necessary advice and prepare documents. In addition, these organizations provide entrepreneurs a range of services: bookkeeping, transfer to the simplified taxation system, the selection of NACE codes statistics. The same organization will assist in registering and acquiring the cash register.The cost of services on registration of private enterprise is not very big. Contacting such a company, an aspiring entrepreneur will eliminate the need to fill various forms and stand in long queues for delivery and receipt of registration documents.