You will need
  • — sand and cement;
  • — brick or limestone;
  • — timber 40×80 mm;
  • — beam 20×20 mm;
  • — log house;
  • Board;
  • — slate 7 or 8 wave;
  • — a plumb or level;
  • — shovels and shovel;
  • bucket, trowel;
  • — door with the box;
  • — a window box;
  • — 120 mm nails and rope.
Clear the area for future construction. Mark the outside of the walls on the ground. To set the exact angle, use the rule of the rectangle and the Pythagorean theorem. First tap on one side of the rectangle from the corner of 30 cm, the second 40 cm and measure the distance between the points directly. If you have 50 cm, so the interior angle is equal to 90º.
Stick in the ground pegs perpendicular to the vertices of the rectangle, departing at 30 cm per side. Pull the thread between them to see the borders of the future Foundation. Take the rope and pull diagonally from corner to corner. Now let's see whether the magnitude of the second diagonal pair of corners. Diagonal line – so, you're all spaced correctly.
Dig the perimeter trench, a depth of 30-50 cm (depending on soil type). Width of trenches for limestone must be at least 40 cm, and for bricks at least 20 - 25 cm, a bayonet spade.
Install the formwork. Ensure that the top formwork was strictly horizontal.
Pour into a trench of water and place large stones exactly to the middle.
Mix cement-sand mixture in the ratio of 1:6 to a liquid consistency. Pour it in the trench, so that it is 2-5 cm blocked the stones. Fill the Foundation pit with stones to the top and pour a solution by comparing the top poluter. Let the Foundation dry. Note that for dwellings the Foundation must be dry for 3 months and for part-time in just 14-40 days.
Raise the wall. If you need a brick barn, do the clutch, keeping the vertical level and locations for openings. In order to keep the animal fit a log barn, in this case, set on the Foundation ready frame. In addition, the frame is perfect for bath or sauna. Keep tools or building materials in a standard wooden shed, just put the support poles on the crossbar between them tamp boards or slabs.
Run the installation of the roof. Use the beams in a ceiling and the support of the Arab League, and the crate — as additional grounds under the slate. Slate fasten to obreshetke.
Install doors and Windows.
Stukatura brick premises inside and outside. To do this, use a cement-sand mixture in the ratio 1:4. The wooden building cover with a protective composition or color.
Do the coupler and line the ceiling.
Insulate the ceiling with clay mixed with grass or straw.