The sequence of actions in farming can lead to artificial constraints in the organization of the business. So you need to very clearly understand your goals and objectives in order for them to consistently follow.

How to organize your farm

Manual farming is very simple and straightforward. And if you act consistently, success is guaranteed. The first step is the preparation of a business plan. Most importantly, remember that this plan you are first and foremost for yourself, so try to consider all important to you the nuances. A business plan must contain a detailed description of the project idea, its development and end result that you want to strive for. The plan also should indicate the direction in which your farm - agriculture, livestock farming or something else. Also, despite the fact that you are writing the plan for yourself, you definitely need to specify the feasibility of this project.
No harm will attach to the business plan a preliminary estimate of the project. This will help you to Orient what you have and how you will complement your existing budget.

The next step is the selection and purchase of suitable land. And it will be necessary in any case, regardless of what type of farming you choose. Don't worry, if you realize that to buy land in the property you will not be able due to lack of funds. Because the site is always possible to take the state to rent. And then, when your farm starts to generate income, you will have to think about purchasing property.

Next, you need to handle the legal details. Compulsory registration of your farm. After all, if you do not purchase a business in accordance with the law, later can be quite serious trouble. First, you need to get the title documents of the land. This can be a certificate of land ownership or the land lease contract for a specified period. In addition, you need to determine how many people will own the economy.

For example, if the owner is single, no further agreement is not necessary. If you own a farm be a group of individuals - relatives, friends, etc. - will need an agreement between all members of the economy. There should be information on the number of shares each of them is, authorized capital and other information as prescribed by law. After you collect all the documents, you must register your farm at the tax office. For this you will need:
- agreement between the members of management;
- copy of passport (s) of the owner (s);
- title documents to the site.

The adoption of the decision on the construction of the house. Remember that according to the instructions the building should not occupy more than 30% of the total land area.

The hiring of employees. If the farm plan should be large enough to cope alone, the farmer would be quite problematic. And assistants are absolutely necessary to him. It is desirable to arrange with the staff employment contract. In addition, at this stage, it is necessary to attend to ensure their future economy of material-technical base: the purchase of equipment, purchase of materials, animals, etc.

The activities of the farm

Before you open your farm, be sure to determine what activities it will do. The main direction is normally the production and processing of various agricultural products. In addition, it also includes transportation, storage and sale of products. However, to engage in other activities related to agriculture, of course, is not prohibited.

The main activity of farms depends on what interests the owner and other members of the business and also from the fact that at the moment is of greater interest in the market.
However, experienced farmers recommend starting with the cultivation of vegetables as the most promising way of development of business. And then move on to more challenging variations.

If start-up capital allows, it is possible to engage immediately in the most promising to date - pigs, cattle, and many others. The money, experts say, it is reasonable to spend on further development of the business - purchase materials, animals, equipment.

What is the key to successful farming

Experts claim that the success of the farmers or as it is called, of the farm is determined by the literacy of sales. If the farmer is able to sell successfully, it remains in the black. If such veins in man no, better not to spare money and hire a good marketer. Otherwise, what's to organize their work. In addition, the more you get money, the more you will be able to invest in the business, the more effective your business.