Advice 1: How to make a shed

The barn is a non-residential outbuilding. Its design comes with the house and land. If the barn is close to the apartment building and used it for 15 years or more, or if the barn has the capital Foundation, it can be organized by order of the court in accordance with article 234 of the civil code, part 1, of title in force priobretenii ago. To place the barn in part of immovable property or article 234 shall be collected a number of documents and to contact WFRC.
How to make a shed
You will need
  • - passport;
  • - documents of title to house and land;
  • - extract from the cadastral passport of the house and land;
  • - copies of the house plans and the site;
  • - an application to the URC;
  • - an application to the court (if the shed is not part of your property);
  • - the decision of the court;
  • - payment for registration.
For the design of the barn along with the house call a technician from BTI. On the basis of inspection of the house, barn and other outbuildings, you will have the cadastral passport at all available buildings. The barn will be submitted to the passport and the plan as outbuildings. Take extract from the documents and get a copy of the plan of the buildings.
Along with the barn and house at once make the land, which is under the buildings and around them. To arrange land, contact the Office of cadastre and cartography. Call the engineer on cadastre. He will hold a list of necessary technical work and will give you the documents on the work.
With the received documents, please contact USCC. Your site will be put on the record, assigns him a room and prepare a cadastral passport for it. Take extracts from the documents and get a copy of the plan.
Contact PPRC, write the application on registration of property rights. You will be given a certificate of ownership to house and land. The shed will belong to you as property as part of your real estate.
A barn that is not on your own land, and about a block of flats, the property cannot be registered until then, until you check out the lot under a shed in the property, and the barn will not receive the cadastral passport.
If on General grounds in accordance with the rules of registration of real estate you are denied survey in USCC, and BTI does not leave visitors to the barn, on the grounds that it is impossible to register, contact the court of Arbitration. Write a statement, provide evidence that you use the property more than 15 years. This can be witnesses from among your neighbors and relatives.
The court will make a decision based on which you can place your shed on a common basis of registration of real estate. To do this, call a technician to conduct a survey of the land, register the land in UFCCC, get the extract from the cadastral passport and a copy of the plan. Invite technique of BTI. The barn will issue a cadastral passport for it. You take a statement and a copy of the plan and register their ownership rights in UFRS, but this course of events is possible only in the case that the structure capital is the Foundation and the court issued a positive decision on the basis of article 234 of the civil code.

Advice 2 : To legitimize the country house - easy-peasy!

Country Amnesty - this is a simplified order of registration of ownership of individual plots of real estate. This requires a minimum of documents, and registration is free. Ends able to legitimize the country house March 1, 2015.
To legitimize the country house - easy-peasy!

You can legislate, not all plots of land and houses. For example, to obtain the necessary documents on a site can, if it is granted before the enactment of the Land code of the Russian Federation, before October 29, 2001. If you got the land later, to legalize it will not happen. Dacha Amnesty applies to residential houses, in particular, unauthorized constructions. Study the documents on granting land or a house in one of the paragraphs should be clearly spelled out why you allocated the right of use or ownership. This may be the conduct of private farming, horticulture, gardening, suburban farming, individual garage construction. If the contract and the certificate stated that the land or house given in lifetime inheritable possession or permanent use, you can issue the property right in a simplified manner. A similar procedure is performed, if the law is not mentioned anywhere. Paperwork paid. The biggest costs have on measuring and inventory. The procedure of registration of ownership is done on a voluntary basis, make to legalize his land or house has no rights. However, if you have the property in the Unified state register of rights (EGRP), you are not permitted to sell or otherwise dispose of them. If you are denied the procedure of registration of ownership of land or land, feel free to contact the court. After consideration of all the circumstances of the case, you will be given the decision, which will indicate on what basis you now belongs to one or another plot or house. If you do not agree with the decision can file the appeal within 10 days from the date of announcement of the decision.

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