You will need
  • - the status of unemployed;
  • - business plan;
  • - application for a grant.
To receive from the state a grant on the organization and development of the farm, you will walk the same steps that future individual entrepreneur.
If you have no job, contact the employment service to gain unemployment status. Imagine the necessary documents and register on the exchange. A couple of weeks will make getting unemployment benefits. Now you can open a business of an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity.
Think about what you want to do. Analyze the demand for agricultural products on the market, how much to invest, how quickly you pay off cash costs. Complete psychological testing for readiness to run their own business. If knowledge in a business you don't have enough, go training in the local school, where you will learn the basics of accounting, tax, personnel, etc. This training is free of charge, because the state is interested in the stability of your future business.
Write a business plan to open a farm. A sample business plan you can take the service of employment, which will in detail acquaint with its features. Describe all costs that are planned at the beginning of the creation of the economy, the prospects and timing of profit.
Protect your business plan to the Board and write the application that want to access your farm and receive a state subsidy for its opening. Business projects in agriculture, usually approved quickly.
After approval of the application and decision on allocation of a subsidy, register at the tax office at the place of residence. Open your Bank account. Will receive a grant in the amount of 58800 roubles on the Bank account and start business: buy equipment, seeds, fertilizer, animals, execute documents for lease of land, etc. Provide to the employment service documents confirming the expense of money for the purpose.