You will need
  • - the lease or sale of land;
  • - construction permit;
  • license;
  • - the working staff.
Determine whether your business created from scratch, or you are interested in buying ready infrastructure project. For the cultivation of agricultural products, it is better to buy already proven fertile area. Breeding territory can equip at their discretion, depending on its quantity.
Buy a plot of land for your business. Contact the owner of the site so that it presented you with a certificate of ownership of the asset, title documents and cadastral passport. Check that everything was in order, sign the contract of sale and pay a Deposit. The agreement must include details of the parties, as well as basic information about the land plot (land category, location, area, cadastre number, type of use and the declared value).
Let's get to the conclusion with the owner of the lease if you plan to take the already constructed object. Any concluded contract must be consolidated with the tax authorities and the registration service. Land documents and identity papers will give to the maintenance service. Within a month you will receive official documents confirming your ownership of the land.
Apply for a permit for the construction of the object if you need it. It must be done in the municipal authorities and local self-government. Imagine your statement, a copy of the certificate on ownership of the site and its cadastral plan, and project of all the buildings with diagram of connections of engineering networks. The resolution will be sent for approval to the head of district or other municipality.
Register of the company. Licensing authority at the place of residence, provide Charter documents, including diploma, certificate of conformity and the certificate of primary specialization. The license will be issued within 30 working days.
Organize objects in accordance with the sanitary norms SanPiN, especially if your specialty is the breeding of cattle. Food production must comply with the requirements for sanitary food preparation, specified in the digest of existing sanitary regulations for catering.
Employ the staff. In the agricultural business not to do without the services of agricultural specialists, combine operators, drivers, accountants, and even programmers, if you are planning to create a site on the Internet. All employees must have higher or secondary special education, appropriate types of services.
Agree with the nearest agricultural markets on the supply of your products and make them a long-term contract on cooperation. Follow the quality of our products, to gain credibility among consumers.