You will need
  • Patience.
  • Money.
  • Preferably good relations with the owners of neighboring units.
Must post ads in local and regional Newspapers about the intention to allocate land belonging to the Pai of the total land mass (commonly shared ownership).
Not earlier than a month after the ad, you need to hold a meeting of all the shareholders. At the meeting, you have to coordinate all of the parameters allocated to the collective account of the unit of land and record all minutes of the meeting signed by all participants.
To sign a contract and conduct the work of surveying the land. The results of the survey is made consistent with all the services and the owners of the neighbouring land Land. The terrain must be applied to the boundaries of the land unit. It is a long and expensive stage. Takes 2 to 6 months.
The following point you should Land the case to the district land Committee, as well as to the cadastral parcel number and the cadastral map of his land. Verification of the correct implementation of the survey and possible improvements of Land Affairs will take from 10 days to 1 month.
As a final step, apply to the Registrar for a certificate on the ownership of land. The time it will take to receive 1 month.
These tips relate to the allocation of a share in the General share property. If you are buying land Pai, the actions will look a bit different.First step - purchase of land shares. The second step is documents must be submitted to the Registrar for registration of the transaction and ownership of land. There is a need to submit the following documents:
– passport;
– notarially certified permission of the spouse for the purchase;
– agreement of purchase and sale;
– certificate of ownership received from the seller;
– notarially certified permission of the spouse of the seller on the sale;
copy sent by mail of the notice of intention to sell land Pai;
– postal receipt of dispatch of this notice PaiDepartment;
– a statement in the prescribed form from the purchaser and on behalf of the seller (s) of attorney to a third person, which also must be present when applying.
In addition you will have to pay through the savings Bank the cost of registration for the primary, secondary ownership and the contract of sale. The third step is the allocation of land ownership in kind. At this stage, you must submit an application to the Board of the agricultural enterprise, putting a request to allocate an allotment, specifying the desired location and number of acres.The fourth step is to apply to the head of the district administration, attaching documents:
– statement by Paicrate with a request to allocate a plot of land in the desired location, specifying the reasons for the refusal of the Board of the agricultural enterprise;
copy of the passport of the applicant;
– a copy of the issued unit certificate;
– a copy out the desired area (you can get a private agreement with the land Committee);
– a copy of the application to the Board of the enterprise stamp;
– copy of waiver (if any);
– copy of Protocol of disagreements, if any.The fifth step is to conduct a survey and register the ownership of land Pai.