Contact your local rural municipality and get a sample agreement on the establishment of a farm. It is signed by the citizens that will be included in the generated SFG. It can be one person or a group of persons. it is allowed no more than three family members and no more than five people, are not in a relationship. Members of KFKH can be not only Russian citizens, but also non-residents and persons without citizenship.
Fill out the agreement where you specify information about all members of KFKH created, their duties, rights, income and assets. Select the head of the peasant farm. Then identify the activity, what you will do. It can be a sheep, poultry, dairy and livestock, and the farming of pigs for fattening.
Visit the local office of the tax Inspectorate and register as an individual entrepreneur. You must have a passport and agreement to establish farms. After that you will receive on hands the certificate of registration.
Purchase land for doing farm. If you have no own land for farming, can get it from the state. To do this, use the right article 12 of the law about KFH and get an object from agricultural land, which is currently in municipal or state ownership. Visit local authority and complete the statement in which specify the purpose of use of land, the right to it, terms, the rental period, the desired size and location.
Sign a lease or sale of land, which will be organized on your farm. After that you can start to operate.