Gather the necessary documentation. This is an important factor when making farms. If you want to enter in the property a cottage or house with outbuildings, this requires a passport for each household, a passport for the land plot, state registration of rights to house and land. According to article 3 paragraph 2 of the Federal law "On personal farms, citizens have the right to exercise its management after the state registration of rights to land which received or acquired by them for these purposes. Additional registration smallholders are not needed.
Get a passport in the household. This is possible with the introduction of its property under the contract of sale, which is the Annex, and reissued to the new owner within 30 calendar days from the moment of the conclusion and signing of the contract.
Take property except a private home and even outbuildings, which make a separate passport. On hand, you must have a plan for the entire household and its individual areas, including rooms. Comply with sanitary-hygienic conditions for maintenance of the farm.
Register in the organs of state registration suburban area which can be considered the object of the households along with the residential buildings if it house. A separate license for registration of farms is not required if your work does not go in the category of business. According to the Federal law (article 2), personal part-time farming is a form of non-entrepreneurial activities in processing and production of agricultural products. Nationals to sell this product is not considered a business, so taxes on the income received from this activity are not paid.
Please contact at registration in the land Committee, the Committee for city planning and architecture administration, where will be provided full assistance on this matter. The order and timing of the treatment is determined by the General rule within 30 days. In enacting the farms should pay attention to the validity of passports. Land of the passport be exchanged after 5 years, and the plans of households, the changes apply only after 10 years.