Intuition (pozdnelat. intuitio, from Latin. intueor — gaze), the ability to comprehend the truth by direct its discretion without justification using evidence. (Yandex Dictionaries). Is it easy and simple? Where there are answers to the questions? There is a saying: "the Man knows everything, not guessing." Regardless of age, social status, culture and inheritance is such a concept as an intuition known to everyone. In difficult or ambiguous situations it unmistakably tells us where to follow, it helps not to step on the same rake" and choose the best direction. It is the willingness to hear your inner voice more to the success of most planned events. One way or another, but none of us can deny the evidence of the presence of the inner guide. On one of the channels, there was even a show dedicated to this hidden human potential. Of course, in the spotlight and the presence of thousands of audience it is difficult to concentrate and often it turns out that the main character is lost and does not see the seemingly obvious facts. However, this does not prevent the truth to remain true. Intuition is an intimate conversation with yourself. It needs to occur in silence without the presence of witnesses. The secrets of the universe are quite modest and are not opened publicly.
How do you know that you have <strong>guardian</strong>
Prophetic dreams. Many great discoveries were perfect in sleep. Recall Mendeleev's periodic system of elements. Or Socrates. Already sentenced to death, he saw in a dream of Homer, who told him the famous verse: "in three days you will see the fattest country..." And indeed, three days after Socrates died. Of course, you can write off all on the sentence, but how to explain the accuracy with which predicted date of death? A similar phenomenon is familiar to most of us. At least once in your life: revelation, prophecy, or the answer to the question came at the time of stay in power of Morpheus. In contrast to the intuition for a notorious realist, this phenomenon does not find any acceptable explanation. If in the first case, in addition to their feelings people can rely on reason, being in the unconscious state of internal control, is disabled entirely. The revelations come in dreams could not be subjected to any analysis or criticism. This is food for thought that you provide to us without any explanation. To perceive or not is a personal choice.
How do you know that you have <strong>guardian</strong>
Happy case. Good luck. In the course of the graduate school there is a discipline "probability theory". It is based on the fact that the scientific way to explain what cannot be explained. A guide will give you a classic example from the course: "Let an urn contains 6 identical balls are thoroughly mixed, and 2 of them red, 3 blue and 1 white. Obviously, the ability to pull out at random from the urn color (i.e. red or blue) ball is greater than the ability to retrieve the white ball. Can you characterize that opportunity? It turns out that you can. This number is called probability of the event (the appearance of colored ball). Thus, the probability is the number characterizing the degree of possibility of occurrence of an event". It would seem simple. If you follow this theory, then the life can be calculated according to the formula. But what if with all the variety of options in any case you get the white ball? The error in the calculations, cheating or just luck? Good luck, as you know, loves the brave. So try to calculate in the years ahead, to plan and follow a clearly outlined plan is not only possible, but also stupid. The beauty of life in its unpredictability. Most importantly – do not be afraid to live.
How do you know that you have <strong>guardian</strong>