A short prayer Guardian angel for good luck

This short prayer guardian angel will protect you on the road. You can talk to when undertaking any business. It sounds like this: "my angel, go with me, please. You're ahead of me, and I'll follow you." Or maybe "the angel of God, my Holy guardian, given to me by God from heaven to save, fervently pray to you: enlighten me you now keep you from all evil, give good and direct to the path of salvation."

Prayer ceremony for good luck in business

This prayer guardian angel you need to read, prepare in advance. The evening follows into a glass dish to pour the Holy water and put it on the window with an open window. In the morning you must take this water and go out with her either on the street or simply on the balcony. Next you need to stand so over you extended the sky, the sign of the cross three times and read the whisper in the water the following words:

"O Holy angel, guardian of my body and my soul. In prayer to thee they bow down, cross yourself come to you. All you know about me and my ways. Forgive me and my transgressions. Not on the ill will I have them done, through ignorance and his weakness. I pray to you about repentance. Help me in difficult times, don't leave good luck! Please follow me, wherever I went. Send me luck and happy accident, drive failure, so they bypassed me by. Save from troubles of all sorts – large and small, so I lived happily and God Jesus Christ be glorified in the Affairs of da prayers, but only did good for my loved ones. Let all the will of the Lord, it is done in his name! Whereof I pray thee, a Guardian angel, and so be it!".

Then you must say "Amen" three times to cross the water, drink a little liquid and spray her and the corners of his house. Then you need to go over the threshold, half of the water to splash at his feet, and the rest ahead of him, on the road, going in the direction in which you normally leave the house. Remember that this is a very strong prayer Guardian angel. It is capable not only to encourage good luck in your life, but to help you seek angelic protection.

Prayer Guardian angel for a child

This prayer is an appeal to Guardian angel with the request to protect the child from misfortunes or bad influences of others. It reads: "o Holy angel, guardian of my Chad (children's names), covered them with his mantle from the arrows of the demon, from the eyes of the seducer, and preserve their hearts in angelic purity. Amen."

When reading prayers, remember that everyone has a guardian angel and you need to treat to him. And the best appeal to a higher power – that which comes from the depths of your heart.