Advice 1: How to find out if you have a gift

Magic gift is a beautiful thing, which might spontaneously occur under the influence of circumstances. But still good to know for sure, is it or not.
How to find out if you have a gift

How easy it is to check for magical abilities?

The easiest way to consult a qualified psychic who can easily understand whether the gift in humans. One problem, it is difficult to find a qualified psychic who will not ask for this service a lot of money. So usually have to cope on their own.
But it is not necessary to go to the first available psychic or sorcerer in the hope to learn to control it. He can use your abilities in any way unpleasant or request for training a large amount.

The signs of super-powers

If you have the gift can testify to well-developed intuition. Intuition may be accompanied by developed the energy vision. It is believed that each person has seven energy centers located along the vertical axis of the body, all of them painted in different colors. If you at least sometimes see these centers, most likely you have a gift.

Permanent luck as evidence in favor of the presence of the gift. Luck, in fact, is the result of a well-developed intuition, which helps to avoid troubles, thanks to a deep-rooted sense of danger.

If your presence weird appliances, they begin to work better or worse, most likely they are affected by your strong energy field, which often indicates the presence of a gift.

If you have repeatedly saved from some events, for example, leaving at the last moment, the scene of the accident, it may also speak in favor of the gift. Often developed instinct of self-preservation can develop in the gift of prophecy.

Soft, warm hands that can relieve the simple touch of a headache or a toothache means that you have a healer's touch. The people around you can talk about the warmth that comes from your hands. In this case it is necessary to engage in energy practices or yoga in order to develop the ability to heal.
Not to buy the "magical" amulets to amplify in all sorts of esoteric gift shops. These amulets rarely work.

Animals who react violently to your appearance unusually friendly or aggressive, unable to see or feel your extraordinary power. It can either attract or scare, but indifferent almost never leaves.

If at least a few signs of a gift constantly present in your life, think about learning. It is very important to learn to use his gift, so he doesn't go to waste. There is a huge variety of activities that can help to develop the gift. First of all, this Eastern practice.

Advice 2: Learn about their magical powers

Some people possess supernatural and magical powers from birth, they do not have to exert effort in order for them to show up and realize. But such people are few. Much more than those who dreams of opening a magic gift and reveal new features of his body and his psyche. To develop magical powers, perhaps, especially effective it will be development, if you start it in childhood. But if the parents did not pay due attention to the development characteristics of the child, the man can manifest these forces and in adulthood.
Learn about their magical powers
If you feel that you have lost many of their abilities and want to return and develop them, your task is to perform a number of exercises and tests that will allow you to understand whether you have magical powers and will identify your magical potential.
Put in anywhere in the room with the magnet, then turn off the lights, close your eyes and try to feel the pull of a magnet without touching it. If you have a gift, even obscured and weakened, you should feel a magnetic field after some training.
Then try to perform this exercise - you need to guess which of the envelope is the bill, and what the envelope is empty. Take two identical opaque envelopes, put in one of them the banknote, and then close your eyes and shuffle the envelopes. Put them in front of you and try to intuitively determine in which of them the money.
Look at photographs of strangers and try to determine who's alive and who's dead – learn how to experience pictures power of life or death.
Another effective research method magical capacity is the Zener cards. From cardboard cut out five identical rectangular cards and draw on them circle, square, plus, star, and wavy lines – one figure on each card. Take a card without looking from behind and guess what they are.
Pay attention not only on the real events that occur in reality, but the events in the dream. Your dreams can tell you a lot about hidden abilities, as it is in sleep you are closer to your unconscious. Remember the dreams, search for the connection between them, ponder what they saw.
The more dreams you will remember and the more will be linked real events that you had, the more they will reveal your abilities. Try to predict the fate of the people you see for the first time. If you determine that the destiny of man happened exactly as you predicted, you can congratulate yourself – you really have a gift.

Advice 3: How to know what abilities I have

Ability is something that every person from birth. Determine what you tend, very important if you want to find a place for the soul to do them, that the work brought joy. Just as psychologists say, you can live a decent and interesting life, which will bring you real satisfaction.
How to know what abilities I have
You will need
  • - paper and pen.
Take a sheet of paper, sit down in a quiet place where no one will disturb you, and try to relax. Think that get you good. Write down even little things, like the ability to throw rocks into the water. This will help you to relax and think of other skills. Important can be even the simplest skills.
Think what profession more suited to your chosen actions. Write the occupation or profession in front of each list item. Look, if there are specialties that would meet most often. At this stage people often manage to find several areas for deeper searches.
Take a new sheet of paper and write on it a representative of any occupations you would be interested in doing. This can be anything from a Director of a large company to itinerant acrobat. Opposite each category write what you like in it. It is quite possible that some of the things that attracted you in certain professions that seemed unattainable in the circumstances, it is possible to obtain by other means, doing some things from the first list.
On the third sheet write what you would not do under any circumstances. Be honest, if you feel that you lead is not yours, do not try to ignore it, hoping to "re-educate" themselves.
Now put in front of him, all three of the paper. The first outlines the things you love to do most and which you get and also professions which can easily become successful for you. On the second – things that cause you the greatest interest in them you will succeed, they will help to determine the niche of specialization. The intersection of the first two sheets will give the worklist. The third sheet will help you to erase from him all those classes, which in the future will hamper your career or lead to disappointment in it, it is better to delegate to someone else to reveal that what you have ability.
Most likely, in the end, you get a few classes or professions, which are determined by your abilities. Before you make a final choice, try to work out each 2-4 weeks. You can get a job as an Intern, it is helpful in General to know more about it. After this practice of doubt, what is your tendency and what is the soul, usually disappear by themselves.
Despite the fact that the realization of their talents is one of the cornerstones in the understanding of the goals of the person, should understand that to get good at it you will have exactly what you give your heart to. If a favorite thing is not even possible at first, then after a certain amount of time dedicated to honing the skills and practices you will definitely notice the results. Many of the people, of humanity considered genius, noted that the break helped them not talent, but hard work and passion. Therefore, choosing, always guided by a sense of joy that arises at the thought that you will visit the life chosen occupation.
Useful advice
To determine your aptitudes, you will need not only to focus but also to implement some of the discoveries obtained during the soul-searching. Also remember that sometimes the abilities do not lie on the surface, but after a while of playing it becomes clear that they are present.
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