Advice 1: How to find out if you have a gift

Magic gift is a beautiful thing, which might spontaneously occur under the influence of circumstances. But still good to know for sure, is it or not.
How to find out if you have a gift

How easy it is to check for magical abilities?

The easiest way to consult a qualified psychic who can easily understand whether the gift in humans. One problem, it is difficult to find a qualified psychic who will not ask for this service a lot of money. So usually have to cope on their own.
But it is not necessary to go to the first available psychic or sorcerer in the hope to learn to control it. He can use your abilities in any way unpleasant or request for training a large amount.

The signs of super-powers

If you have the gift can testify to well-developed intuition. Intuition may be accompanied by developed the energy vision. It is believed that each person has seven energy centers located along the vertical axis of the body, all of them painted in different colors. If you at least sometimes see these centers, most likely you have a gift.

Permanent luck as evidence in favor of the presence of the gift. Luck, in fact, is the result of a well-developed intuition, which helps to avoid troubles, thanks to a deep-rooted sense of danger.

If your presence weird appliances, they begin to work better or worse, most likely they are affected by your strong energy field, which often indicates the presence of a gift.

If you have repeatedly saved from some events, for example, leaving at the last moment, the scene of the accident, it may also speak in favor of the gift. Often developed instinct of self-preservation can develop in the gift of prophecy.

Soft, warm hands that can relieve the simple touch of a headache or a toothache means that you have a healer's touch. The people around you can talk about the warmth that comes from your hands. In this case it is necessary to engage in energy practices or yoga in order to develop the ability to heal.
Not to buy the "magical" amulets to amplify in all sorts of esoteric gift shops. These amulets rarely work.

Animals who react violently to your appearance unusually friendly or aggressive, unable to see or feel your extraordinary power. It can either attract or scare, but indifferent almost never leaves.

If at least a few signs of a gift constantly present in your life, think about learning. It is very important to learn to use his gift, so he doesn't go to waste. There is a huge variety of activities that can help to develop the gift. First of all, this Eastern practice.

Advice 2 : How to check free psychic abilities

Lately it has become fashionable to be interested in psychic abilities. Appeared the classification of psychics, transfer about them and even entire sites on the Internet. People have known to possess unusual abilities to anyone, but they need to discover and develop. Of course, many want to determine whether they possess some gift. How to do it without the risk of falling into the hands of charlatans or fraudsters? Like, sitting at home, discover your gift?
How to check free psychic abilities
You will need
  • - a deck of cards;
  • - family album
Use the maps.
This exercise is known for a long time. From the deck need to pull any card, and inspection a person must try to guess what color it is. If it works, then you need not to stop, but to try to say the suit and then rank.
The probability of random guessing one card out of the 36 is very small. Therefore, if the subject recognizes multiple cards, it means that his intuition is well developed. And psychics are those people who have developed intuition very much.
Find family album.
This is an unusual "guessing game" to measure the level of intuition. The exercise is aimed at clarifying whether the subject to feel human energy, and to distinguish dead from alive.
Take the album and run your hand over the photos. You need to carefully listen to your feelings, is there a difference between photos of dead people from pictures of the living? You may feel cold, color, tingling, unable to even hear the sound or see any picture. This individually. It is important to understand whether there is a difference between images of the living and the dead.
The next stage of this exercise is other people's photos. Do the same with the family album another man whose relatives you don't know. If feelings will tell you who is in the photo "in another world", so you are able to distinguish between live and dead energy.
Pay attention to dreams.
Another feature of the psychics – their dreams are prophetic, they predict, warn of the event. But dreams are abstract, fragmentary visions. How to understand what dream of for you, prophetic or ordinary?
Every morning, barely awake, say your dream, tell it to yourself in bed. Recounting what I saw the other night in a dream, write it down. Repeat this exercise every 1-2 weeks. Periodically check your records. If you find that dreams and reality intersect, or coincide – you certainly have the gift of foresight.
Before you begin to exercise, think. Do you need to know what you are capable of intuition? If you want to know how many matches in a box and feel the presence of the dead?

Advice 3 : How to determine your magical potential

Some people have inexplicable magical or supernatural powers, which manifest in early childhood with no effort on their part. Others have to exert a lot of effort to manifest and realize similar abilities.
To develop his magical abilities, or at least to determine their presence independently with the help of simple tests. But if you have friends of esoterics, you can contact them. However, in this case, you need to be careful because some clairvoyants and magicians can use your abilities to the detriment of you, especially if they agree to work with you for free. The saying "free cheese only in a mousetrap" as if specially invented for such cases. It is better to go to a proven expert, paying him a fixed amount for determining their potential than the rest of his life to deal with magic effects of "free" consultations.
If you are afraid to turn to a stranger, you may check the level of development of your intuition and magical abilities. For this you will need a few things that you can find in any home.
Pay attention to what is happening in your dreams. They can tell you a lot about your hidden abilities, because in sleep you are closer to your unconscious. Be sure to remember dreams, keep a Notepad next to the bed, try to write down your dreams immediately after waking up, while they haven't "weathered" out of my head. Analyze your dreams, look for connections between them. If you find a repetitive motif, look for its connection with your life, difficult situations. If you have magical potential, your dreams can be a source of important information, which will bring you a lot of benefits.
The easiest test to determine their abilities to carry out with a magnet. Put it anywhere in the room, turn the lights off, close or even tie your eyes and try to feel the attraction of the magnet without touching it. If you have a weak gift, after a few workouts you will be able to feel the magnet in the distance.
Another very simple test for the presence of magic potential can be carried out using Zener cards. Five identical rectangular cards, draw a square, circle, star, and wavy lines. Pull them from behind without looking, try to guess what they depict. Of course, the cards must be absolutely identical in form and feel. If you regularly guess the picture, at least you have a well developed intuition or luck on your side that can also be considered a gift.
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