You will need
  • In order to determine the evil eye, you will need a glass of water, a raw egg, and help each other.
Take a raw egg and roll it in the body. If necessary, ask for help from friends.
Now take a glass jar or glass and fill them with cold water from the tap. There break the egg. Try to make it so that the yolk and white have remained intact. That is, do not beat the egg thoroughly with a knife and make a crack, and then open the shell manually.
Allow the egg to settle a bit and look at the light as it settled. If the yolk protein together with the lay on the bottom of the glass, so no curse on you there. But if the protein begins to swirl and spread through the water in the form of tentacles of Medusa, the evil eye on you definitely available.

If the yolk has adopted a reddish or grayish tint, so in addition to evil eye someone gave you and damage.