To develop his magical abilities, or at least to determine their presence independently with the help of simple tests. But if you have friends of esoterics, you can contact them. However, in this case, you need to be careful because some clairvoyants and magicians can use your abilities to the detriment of you, especially if they agree to work with you for free. The saying "free cheese only in a mousetrap" as if specially invented for such cases. It is better to go to a proven expert, paying him a fixed amount for determining their potential than the rest of his life to deal with magic effects of "free" consultations.
If you are afraid to turn to a stranger, you may check the level of development of your intuition and magical abilities. For this you will need a few things that you can find in any home.
Pay attention to what is happening in your dreams. They can tell you a lot about your hidden abilities, because in sleep you are closer to your unconscious. Be sure to remember dreams, keep a Notepad next to the bed, try to write down your dreams immediately after waking up, while they haven't "weathered" out of my head. Analyze your dreams, look for connections between them. If you find a repetitive motif, look for its connection with your life, difficult situations. If you have magical potential, your dreams can be a source of important information, which will bring you a lot of benefits.
The easiest test to determine their abilities to carry out with a magnet. Put it anywhere in the room, turn the lights off, close or even tie your eyes and try to feel the attraction of the magnet without touching it. If you have a weak gift, after a few workouts you will be able to feel the magnet in the distance.
Another very simple test for the presence of magic potential can be carried out using Zener cards. Five identical rectangular cards, draw a square, circle, star, and wavy lines. Pull them from behind without looking, try to guess what they depict. Of course, the cards must be absolutely identical in form and feel. If you regularly guess the picture, at least you have a well developed intuition or luck on your side that can also be considered a gift.