Try singing a simple melody, perhaps. the usual range. Most likely, the first time you will not be able to do, because your voice is not coordinated with hearing. And hearing, in turn, is not yet sufficiently developed. Sing again and record your voice on tape.
Listen to the recording. The polls are all people first reaction to your voice – panic. First, you don't recognize your voice, as familiar as you hear yourself through bone, that is, without some of the overtones. If you write your speech, the situation does not improve fundamentally, but any other man learn to record your voice is an external voicethat you hear all around.
Second, the recording you will hear the false, which when singing felt. If you recognize it, then everything is fine, hearing you still have. If not, well you can be happy: may you have naturally developed to coordinate ear and voice.
If these arguments you are not convinced, ask your musician friend to give you a diagnostic test lesson. Just let it play a few notes that you can repeat the voiceof om, and then give my opinion. Most likely, it will be in your favor.
If friend is not found, contact your teacher-vocal music schools or colleges. Teachers institutes will even take a trial lesson for a large sum of money, and the quality of teaching is not necessarily higher than that of colleagues from other schools.