Advice 1: How to call a guardian angel

Being born, each person comes into the world frail, helpless and defenseless. But it's not as bad as it may seem. According to Christian tradition, at baptism everyone gets his invisible, defender, angel-Guardian, who sends him to the Lord. But in order to enjoy his protection, you should be able to communicate with him.
How to call a guardian angel
To call his angel-Guardian, first need to believe that the support of the invisible forces do exist. And now that you threw all doubts, follow a few simple guidelines to help you tune into fellowship with those called to protect you.
Find a quiet, peaceful place. It is desirable that nobody could disturb. Sit in a comfortable position for you, try to get so that your breathing was not constricted. Close your eyes.
Consistently relax your body. This applies in particular to the arms, legs, back muscles and face. Reassure your breath, follow a few very deep breaths. Smooth and quiet breathing should accompany you during the whole session.
Clear your mind from worldly thoughts, take a break from everyday worries and troubles. Try to imagine the world in a place that is comfortable where you used to feel calm and confident. This may be the edge of the forest, river, meadow.
Feel yourself as small, weak and defenseless as you were at birth. Here you leisurely walk in the Park, feel the flow of fresh air penetrates your lungs. Your eyes are majestic blooming, the leaves on the trees framing the Avenue.
Gradually, you no residue are immersed in a world, ruled by peace, in a fabulous world that is devoid of dangers and troubles, where in addition you there is nobody who could prevent you from enjoying the rest. There is only you and your angel.
Tune in to communication with the Angel. Mentally speak to him and ask to come to you. Stay in full confidence that your request will certainly be heard. Listen carefully to your inner feelings. We may not be able to see our patron normal vision, but with a strong desire, you will be able to feel his invisible presence.
Mentally thank the angelGuardian because he responded to your call. Now you can turn to him and ask his name. Try to remember the name that will enter your consciousness, even if it would be very unusual.
Perhaps you have to a Guardian angel a specific question. Ask it and patiently wait for a response. This answer may come in the form of a clear understanding of how can be solved your difficult situation or you will know the answer some other way, sometimes in the form of a dream or accidentally dropped by someone phrase. Pay attention to the signs, which to an outsider may seem to be random.
You can now thank the representative of a higher power for his help and support. Slowly return to the real world. Open your eyes. Turn the view on a remote object, at least at the clouds floating outside the window. Make two or three deep breaths and exhale and return to everyday reality.
From time to time by tuning in communication with your Guardian Angel, you will gradually feel that problems begin to be resolved as if by themselves, troubles go without a trace, what in your life is harmony.
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"How to get everything you want, basically doing nothing or Celestial 911" by Robert stone, 2008.

Advice 2: How to return a guardian angel

Angel — good spiritual being, man's God-given at baptism. The main task of the angel-guardian is the spiritual salvation of man. If a person leads a pious life, the guardian angel is happy and patronizes human. If a person knowingly sins and turn away from God, the angel leaves. But people, while they are alive, there is time to ask God's forgiveness for his mistakes and regain his guardian. To accomplish this, you must take a few steps.
How to return a guardian angel
First, ask for forgiveness from the people close to you whom you intentionally or accidentally, but still hurt something. Ask for forgiveness often tough because you have to swallow your pride, but it is necessary. After that you need to forgive themselves and loved ones, if you are offended by them for some reason, even if undeserved. Forgive them, for God will not forgive your sins if you will not forgive men. Ask for forgiveness and forgive as sincere. It gives an amazing feeling of lightness, as if dropped from the soul the heavy load, but the way it is.
Secondly, ask for forgiveness from all his friends and acquaintances, work colleagues and neighbours if you did something wrong in front of them, and forgive them, if something does not please you. If you can not meet someone personally, ask for forgiveness and forgive in my mind.
Thirdly, you need to prepare to go to Church for confession. Take a piece of paper and remember all my sins, secret and explicit, write them down on paper, then to confession in the Church not to forget. In the Church shop you can pre-purchase a special benefit to help the penitent. This will help you in making list of sins. Go to the temple for confession. Do not be afraid and ashamed of the priest you confess before God. Well, if the priest will admit you to Holy Communion. Try to attend the temple at least once a week, to confess and take communion.
Purchase if you are not, Scripture, prayer, other spiritual literature. Start to get used to the prayer house and on the street, for the health of their family and friends, prayer before meals. Thank God for the fact that you live, rejoice in each new day, look at the world with love and wonder like a child. Remember that if you want to change around the world, you must first change ourselves.
There are many prayers guardian angel. Take the prayers from the Jordanville prayer book, read them in the old Slavonic language before going to sleep, before the icon of the angel-guardian.
Believe me that if the angel and left you for a while, then if he sees all your deeds described above, he definitely will be back!

Advice 3: How to find out the name of your guardian angel

The guardian angel is each person, he always with him. It is not visible, but at times the angel's presence is well felt. Each guardian angel has a name, and it can be found. There are several ways, you only need to choose the more convenient.
How to find out the name of your guardian angel
To the angelguardian can be accessed at any time. However, it is better to establish communication with him before that. It is possible to obtain advice, guidance, tips. You can find out the name of the guardian angel, so communication will go to another level, and he will always respond.

Mechanical letter

To learn the name of their guardian angel through mechanical writing. This will need to sit at the table to put in front of a blank sheet of paper, take a pencil or a pen, to be in a trance, encourage him to ask questions. The angel himself will write his name, by the hand of man. It is important to remember that it may be quite unusual, so not worth a set of letters to be nonsense, because being of divine origin can no longer make contact. Better to focus on the name and a few times pronounce it to yourself, you may be able to find a sense in it. It is likely that the letters will be completely unfamiliar. In this case, you need to know what alphabet they belong to. Later, you can read the name of the angel correctly.


Meditation will help to know the name of your guardian angel. This will need to start practicing it, otherwise nothing will happen. The essence of meditation is that the whole body relaxed. This is what you need to do to get in touch with the heavenly essence. Once you are able to relax your body and clear your head of thought, I should call your guardian angel. Perhaps he will answer the call and come into contact. In this case you would have to know his name. If the first time did not work, you should try again, as it happens that person was being relaxed, or his mind flies a lot of extraneous thoughts that interfere with focus. It is important to know that the angel could not answer during the meditation, but will send a reply later in the form of a symbol, so you need to be able to read the signs.


If you are unable to learn the name of a guardian angel through meditation, you can ask him to say his name in her sleep. This should relax count from 50 to 1 and ask question. As a rule, after the person falls asleep, because the bill will enter into a state of sleep. In the morning, after waking up you should try to remember all the details of the dream. Remember that angels communicate with people with signs, so sleep should be carefully analyzed, then we will be able to know the answer to your question.

The calendar

Relax could not to each person, and signs may notice, not all, but that does not mean that it is not possible to know the name of your guardian angel. You can do simply looking at the Calendar. It is such a Church book in which there is a list in calendar order all Christian saints on their days of remembrance. Only need to find a Saint who is remembered on the day of your birth. His name and will have an angel who protects you.

Advice 4: How to ask for help from guardian angel

Even people brought up in the traditions of materialism, not to mention believers, finding themselves in a tough situation, remember the higher power, calling on the help of her angel. Of course, specific guidelines dictating how to do it, does not exist, but some recommendations can be given.
How to ask for help from guardian angel
Concentrate, try to concentrate on the desire to appeal to the guardian angel. Disconnect from the outside world. Remember that angel isn't human and he doesn't want to talk about what you want and what you fear. He knows everything himself. However, try to present your problem, to feel it. Make it was in your mind in all its force, without understatement. Don't run from yourself. Only by overcoming the obstacle, you will be able to get rid of it. Angel will assist you, but it might not go the way of life for you.
Imagine that within you is the light. Make it the way you can feel the material thing. Do not think that it is impossible, just think, that merge with the serene flow of light into a unified whole. Perhaps you will cease to understand that you are on earth, it isn't terrible, as it should be. After all, communicating with an angel, you are approaching God.
When you are ready to return to everyday life, say goodbye to angel, and prepare to leave the light, try to remember your feelings. Remember that the call of the custodian often do not: to all the people and sent into the world to learn to live in it, not accumulating evil, and free from dirt. But to learn that everyone should own.
Don't forget that the guardian angel has helped you, even if it is very hard will be to defeat melancholy, or, on the contrary, you will find yourself in a whirlpool of life and you will have free time. Gratitude to higher powers for what they left you, you need to maintain throughout life. And in General, it should be remembered that the guardian angel always there regardless of, you can see it or not.
And the last thing you need to keep in mind: no matter whether you are looking for protection of an angel or want advice, the main thing – trust that he will help you. Without this, nothing happens.
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