To call his angel-Guardian, first need to believe that the support of the invisible forces do exist. And now that you threw all doubts, follow a few simple guidelines to help you tune into fellowship with those called to protect you.
Find a quiet, peaceful place. It is desirable that nobody could disturb. Sit in a comfortable position for you, try to get so that your breathing was not constricted. Close your eyes.
Consistently relax your body. This applies in particular to the arms, legs, back muscles and face. Reassure your breath, follow a few very deep breaths. Smooth and quiet breathing should accompany you during the whole session.
Clear your mind from worldly thoughts, take a break from everyday worries and troubles. Try to imagine the world in a place that is comfortable where you used to feel calm and confident. This may be the edge of the forest, river, meadow.
Feel yourself as small, weak and defenseless as you were at birth. Here you leisurely walk in the Park, feel the flow of fresh air penetrates your lungs. Your eyes are majestic blooming, the leaves on the trees framing the Avenue.
Gradually, you no residue are immersed in a world, ruled by peace, in a fabulous world that is devoid of dangers and troubles, where in addition you there is nobody who could prevent you from enjoying the rest. There is only you and your angel.
Tune in to communication with the Angel. Mentally speak to him and ask to come to you. Stay in full confidence that your request will certainly be heard. Listen carefully to your inner feelings. We may not be able to see our patron normal vision, but with a strong desire, you will be able to feel his invisible presence.
Mentally thank the angelGuardian because he responded to your call. Now you can turn to him and ask his name. Try to remember the name that will enter your consciousness, even if it would be very unusual.
Perhaps you have to a Guardian angel a specific question. Ask it and patiently wait for a response. This answer may come in the form of a clear understanding of how can be solved your difficult situation or you will know the answer some other way, sometimes in the form of a dream or accidentally dropped by someone phrase. Pay attention to the signs, which to an outsider may seem to be random.
You can now thank the representative of a higher power for his help and support. Slowly return to the real world. Open your eyes. Turn the view on a remote object, at least at the clouds floating outside the window. Make two or three deep breaths and exhale and return to everyday reality.
From time to time by tuning in communication with your Guardian Angel, you will gradually feel that problems begin to be resolved as if by themselves, troubles go without a trace, what in your life is harmony.