Many believe that under the very concept of a guardian angel is hiding nothing like normal human intuition or trivial inner voice, capable of some non-scientific way to protect the ward against the effects of his own actions. Other versions of stick about the fact that this heavenly messenger, little by little, using special characters submitting to man the signals of impending danger.
Theoretically, to get the help of your guardian is very easy, just mentally or aloud ask the entity, endowed with infinite possibilities, a favor not expecting that wish will come true instantly. Definitely need to remember that such requests relate only to the good and useful things, or additional ones that was not included in the petition, the angels themselves prefer not to interfere and watch the accomplishment of them. To find out more about your own guardian angel is extremely simple, just plyusovat numbers that define the structure date of birth: that is, day, month, year. Obtained by adding the number allows you to identify the gender of the entity: odd - female, even - male.
Drawing attention to the second digit in your birth date, you can understand which of the known elements applies a cherished angel. All of them stands out 10. The number zero corresponds to the passionate element of fire, combining invincible beings, the angels of all the earth of the lucky ones, one symbolizes the sanctity and kindness, two belong to the element of light, 3 - defines the aerial beings, attentive and caring towards its master. Figure 4 typically has a direct correlation to wisdom and intuition, is almost always accurately specifying the person correct out of the situation, 5 is the energy of the metal, the symbol of endurance and longevity. Figure 6 protects the creative and bright personalities, as it relates to the elements of the rainbow. The number 7 stands for energy, the holders of such "energy" of angels, generally considered to be the bearers of prophetic dreams and premonitions gorgeous, 8 - digit, signifying the humanity and dedication of a 9 - warmth and optimism.
The Orthodox refer by name to the guardian angel is not accepted, however, the names prevalent in the Jewish tradition. They also calculate the date of birth of the person. For example, angels of fire (0) have the names of Ohyeah, Jeliel, Sitael. Angels of light – Achaiah, Kakhetel, Haziel. Aerial angels Alagiah, Lafah, and wisdom – Menahel, Ariel, Jekamiah. Strong willed angels with the energy of the metal (figure 5) is Leuviah and Mahaliah, but creative Nelchael, Jeiel, Huhyeah. Honest neprimirimost angels Michaiah, Seeiah and Raiel, angels, bestowing an amazing sense of intuition - Azariah and Lehahiah.
How exactly is the name of your guardian angel you can ask a Confessor or a good astrologer that of the 59 names of supernatural creatures called the name of the one who protects you.