If you notice that the shoes don't fit you fit or are uncomfortable sitting on the foot already on the day of purchase, try to return it. High probability that the seller or the cashier will remember you. This will help to resolve the issue of return faster.
In the store, try to behave kindly and clearly explain what you want to return your purchase. According to the Law on the protection of the rights of consumers you can return nepodaleku you a pair of quality footwear within fourteen days from the date of purchase. While the shoes needs to be marketable, to be clean, with the necessary tags and labels. If you are even a time pass in new shoes or boots on the street, it will affect the sole. Such shoes can't take back.
When returning shoes to the store it is desirable to have a check – it will eliminate unnecessary questions. But its absence is not a hindrance to return. Receipt is printed in two copies, one of which is handed to the buyer, and the second is saved in the store. In addition, the merchandise indicate the name and quantity of the product sold in their documentation. Therefore, the fact of your purchase will be in any case recorded in the store.
The seller has the right to offer to exchange Neustroeva you a pair of shoes at the same cost or more expensive (if you agree to pay the required amount). But on the day of your treatment in the store it may not be appropriate for you pair. In this case, you are entitled to claim a refund. The shop is obliged to refund you the purchase price within three days after your treatment.