You will need
  • Broiler chickens
  • Aviary
  • Infrared lamp
  • Lime-Pushenko (0.5 kg per 1 m2).
  • Litter (straw cutting, shaving, sawdust, rice and sunflower husk, peat)
  • Feed
  • Water
In order to breed chickens, it is necessary first to buy them. Usually broilers are bred for incubator-poultry station or specialised broiler farm. It is best to buy birds of the following breeds: broiler-6", "Gibro", "Change".
One of the ways of growing chickens on litter. But before fill the room, it is necessary to disinfect floors in lime-pechenkoj. It scattered on the floor, and on top of doing the litter layer with a thickness of 5 cm, litter, renew and fill up at the rate of 2 kg per broiler.
If growing chickens is important for heat retention, especially in the first weeks of their lives. For this purpose heaters or infrared lamps. Initially the temperature in the room keep a high around 24 to 26 degrees, and then gradually reduced, leading to 20 degrees in a month.
To feed the growing Chicks should be varied, to add to the feed a sufficient amount of mineral substances (lime) and chopped parsley. If the chickens were bought in the spring, the food they can add to milk products. This has a positive effect on the digestive system of Chicks and enriches food with protein.
Grown chickens-broilers are typically fed complete feed, the composition of which varies depending on their age. To food and water access needs to be constant during the day.
For the prevention of diseases need to follow the stocking density of birds. The denser the population of broilers in the room, the lower the productivity growth and weight gain as in Chicks and adult birds.