How to feed broiler chickens in the first days of life?

Still immature chickens should eat at full strength. Need to monitor their feeders: they must constantly be filled with dry food. In the first days of appearance of the chickens the light they need to give the mixture of finest wheat, corn, barley, bran. You can RUB on a grater boiled eggs in a ratio of 1 egg for 20 chickens. It is important to understand that during this period, the broilers require constant power.

Feed the bird every 3-4 hours, leaving a small break for rest in the night. Experts advise to feed chickens yogurt from skim milk and fresh cheese. After three days in the diet of broilers can introduce green fodder at the rate of 3 g per chicken, cabbage, greens, beet, a young nettle, carrots. Vitamins in their composition, form the immune system of broiler. These foods are recommended to give the bird fresh.

How to feed broiler chickens after two weeks of life?

After a couple of weeks after the birth of their Chicks in the mix, you need to add a bit of boiled potatoes. The amount you need over time to gradually increase. Since the ten-week age, they should be well cooked and finely chopped fish waste at the rate of 5 g per chicken. Matured broilers fed vegetable proteins in soy or any other cake, added to the mix. The proportion is the following: 20 g per head.

Any innovations in the diets of broiler chickens should be done gradually: first the bird accustom to new food, and then increase its quantity. Experts advise to feed broilers crushed carrots, as it is extremely helpful. The proportion of 20 g per chicken. For good digestion of broilers in mixture should be added feed fat. Don't forget about the drinkers! You have to watch them: drinkers should be always complete because water improves the appetite of the chicken and its metabolism.

How to feed broiler chickens before slaughter?

A few weeks before slaughter from the diet of broiler chickens excluded food, which spoil the taste and quality of poultry meat. For example, in order to avoid unpleasant smell of the carcass of the broilers no longer need to give the fish waste and flour. No need to make the chickens frequent walks, otherwise food will go to the restoration of energy expended, not to increase the nutrient supply.

A few hours before slaughter need to free her of the gastrointestinal tract. This applies to the so-called pre-slaughter fasting: chickens are not fed for 6-8 hours before death. Better to do it in the daytime, and the slaughter to produce night in a well lit room: in this case, the processes of digestion and cleaning intestines of birds will operate at full capacity, which will improve the quality of the meat.