To breed chickens, you need to build a chicken coop. This can be a shed that is easy to put together out of cheap material. Importantly, to avoid the draft. The room should be equipped with nests and perches. For walking birds next to the chicken coop is fenced with large mesh and put the bowl with the drinkers.
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You can buy young chickens and quickly start to finished product. And cheaper to buy day old Chicks and raise them yourself. And those and others it is better to buy on poultry farms where all birds are sold already grafted and the substitution will not happen with the breed.
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Young Chicks first kept in a warm room under a heating appliance providing a temperature of 29-33 degrees. The first week of feeding day-old Chicks should be carried out two hours later cottage cheese, boiled egg, millet, make sure to remove the uneaten food. Put clean water.
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A week later, the temperature of the heater can be lowered by 4 degrees. Feeding Chicks spend only three hours cereals from animal feed, add chopped fine grass, separately put river sand, chalk, charcoal. Food should be crumbly with low moisture content. Chickens often take out for a walk.
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To twenty to the age of the chickens you can keep at 20-22 degrees Celsius, they can take long walks in the fenced place. Feeding them wet mash and dry feed. Also continue to put separate sand, chalk, corner. When the Chicks fledged, they were transferred to the coop.
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With proper farming at the age of 4-5 months, the young hens start laying eggs. Select the most productive instances with a good physique and is left for further breeding and the rest are fattened for slaughter.