Advice 1: How to grow chickens

Chickens are the most common and unpretentious poultry in the yards of the farmhouses and cottages of the citizens. Chickens egg breeds have a lot of eggs, meat chickens quickly gain weight and can reach impressive sizes. The best option will be breeding egg-meat breeds such as new Hampshire, plimutrok, Cornish, Rhode island. These birds are capable of providing eggs all year round, and at the bottom give a good carcass.
How to grow chickens
To breed chickens, you need to build a chicken coop. This can be a shed that is easy to put together out of cheap material. Importantly, to avoid the draft. The room should be equipped with nests and perches. For walking birds next to the chicken coop is fenced with large mesh and put the bowl with the drinkers.
You can buy young chickens and quickly start to finished product. And cheaper to buy day old Chicks and raise them yourself. And those and others it is better to buy on poultry farms where all birds are sold already grafted and the substitution will not happen with the breed.
Young Chicks first kept in a warm room under a heating appliance providing a temperature of 29-33 degrees. The first week of feeding day-old Chicks should be carried out two hours later cottage cheese, boiled egg, millet, make sure to remove the uneaten food. Put clean water.
A week later, the temperature of the heater can be lowered by 4 degrees. Feeding Chicks spend only three hours cereals from animal feed, add chopped fine grass, separately put river sand, chalk, charcoal. Food should be crumbly with low moisture content. Chickens often take out for a walk.
To twenty to the age of the chickens you can keep at 20-22 degrees Celsius, they can take long walks in the fenced place. Feeding them wet mash and dry feed. Also continue to put separate sand, chalk, corner. When the Chicks fledged, they were transferred to the coop.
With proper farming at the age of 4-5 months, the young hens start laying eggs. Select the most productive instances with a good physique and is left for further breeding and the rest are fattened for slaughter.

Advice 2 : The content of laying hens in the country and care for them

Contain at the cottage laying hens is very profitable: the taste and the nutritional properties of eggs is incomparable to the store. So you need to know how to choose a bird to make a chicken coop, what to feed chickens, how to care for them.
Of laying hens can be kept in the country

How to select laying hens?

In the country it is best to include hybrid breeds of chickens. Rules for the selection of laying hens following: the bird should be active, her comb and earrings – bright red, legs pronounced yellowish color (if they are pale this is an indication that the bird is old). Feathers of chicken must be clean and shiny, tight to the body. If you and your hens to a rooster, the eggs will "live", that is, you can bring the chickens.

How to care for hens?

Caring for chickens is simple, this task can handle any adult. The first thing to do after buying laying hens – build a chicken coop for them at the rate of 1 m2 for 4 birds or use any suitable for this purpose room. On the floor laid a layer of straw or sawdust with a minimum thickness of 5 cm In the house needed a perch mounted at a height of 60 cm from the floor.

It is important to know that the more chickens are in the sun, the higher egg production. So for walking birds need to fence a site. This is necessary to ensure that the chickens were not running around the garden beds. As the fence is fine mesh netting. Next to the chicken coop, it is desirable to arrange a place for bathing birds: pour on the ground of sand or ash.

You should know that hens can not overfeed. In the morning you need to give them any grain: corn, wheat, barley. Better if they are crushed. Grains should be at least 60% of poultry diet. Laying hens can be given food waste, cereal porridge, boiled potatoes. To increase egg production in feed add special mixtures, e.g., "Ryabushko".

As a protein food for chickens will fit the cake and meal. Their share in the diet – at least 15%. Of special value is such food as fish and bone meal. Well increases the egg production of hens boiled or fresh chopped fish.

Chickens need fresh grass. For this purpose, harvest nettles, alfalfa, ground. As vitamin supplements poultry give carrots, beets, pumpkin, special finished products. For proper digestion chicken need small pebbles. The bird swallows them and they help to grind in the stomach solid food. Therefore, the area for walking hens have to be gravel.

It is important that the birds always had plenty of pure water. The lack of water can affect egg production and it will be significantly cheaper. In total, caring for laying hens will need no more than 30 minutes a day. Besides feeding, you will need to clean the coop and collect eggs.
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