The rapid growth

Of course, that by the age of 45 days the chick has grown to the size of the usual chicken carcass, feeding simple grain or bran will not be enough. However, do not think that if the bird factory is growing rapidly that which grows grandmother in the village, the reason is solely the hormones and antibiotics that provoke growth.

The fact that the industrial cultivation of meat chickens poultry farm use special breeds and crosses, in the genetics which provide fast growth and high rate of building muscle mass. Another important aspect of selection of the breed of poultry production – the ability to convert feed into animal protein. Simply put, this bird needs less food to grow big and heavy. This is the main secret of this rapid growth in broiler enterprises.

The basis of the diet

Clean grain to the poultry birds do not feed anybody. But do not think that this factor is negative. The fact that rapid growth and a balanced composition of broiler meat requires a special diet. One grain, even, the highest quality, to ensure that it is not capable of. Therefore, in large industrial plants birds feed ready feed. It's much easier and requires less effort. In addition, all the necessary substances the bird in a stern already are and pick one and eat the other component in broilers simply will not work. Thus, the observance of a perfect diet to follow much easier.

The composition of feed for broilers in different proportions composed of completely natural and familiar to bird ingredients: corn, wheat, sunflower and soybean meal, bone meal, fodder yeast, fat, salt, chalk, and a vitamin-mineral complex. In General, all that feeding poultry in private farms, only milled and dried.

Drugs and harmful substances

It should be noted that without the use of medicines bird to grow in the scope of a large poultry complex is simply impossible. To avoid diseases and epidemics on poultry farms conduct regular vaccination of livestock. But if you buy chickens in the store, you can be sure that before going to the counter all products like obligatory veterinary control. During the analysis experts check the presence of residues of harmful substances or medicines forbidden for use in our country.