Broiler is a meat breed chickens, which after a few weeks of growing weight about 1,5 kg. After 10 weeks of age broiler growth is slowing, but it is possible to grow adult chicken 5 kg and of a cock up to 6 kg. Experienced farmers are advised to do slaughter to achieve the chicken 9-10 months of age.

Select the breed of chickens-broilers

In farmers ' backyards, you can often find hens, broilers, are undemanding to feeding and maintenance, and quickly put on weight.

To make the right choice, you first need to determine the breed. The most common are: ROSS 308, ROSS 708 and COBB 500. Specimens of ROSS 708 differ rapid growth. If they are properly fed, after 30-35 days weight chicken will be 2.5-3 kg. This is the best performance among all broiler breeds.

ROSS 308 will come in handy in the courtyard of a farmer who wants to get from birds not only meat but also eggs. Adult chickens of ROSS breed 308 are a lot of eggs from which to breed offspring with the help of the incubator.

Broilers COBB 500 are growing rapidly, the optimal time for slaughter – 40-42 day of their lives. At this time the birds reach 2.5 kg. the Only drawback of the yellow color of the carcass.

What characteristics should possess broiler chickens?

To purchase quality chickens-broilers, you need to know what characteristics they must possess. Experienced farmers are advised to choose a breed with fast growth of muscle mass and an opportunity for early culling, light skin (especially important for retail trade), white and large breast, a good feed conversion, high survival rates and low cost of meat.

Before buying chickens-broilers necessarily pay attention to health and the bird's condition, it should not be sluggish. From the seller wondering if he's vaccinated birds. If vaccination was not carried out, the purchase should be abandoned, high risk to buy a sick chicken.

In farms where there are chickens, a new species necessarily arrange the quarantine. If the broilers will be placed in the room where before, kept the other hens, first, you need to fumigate.

Broilers – one of the most unpretentious breeds of hens. These birds are endurance and fast weight, they require less food and care. But to avoid problems, it is necessary to determine the breed of broilers, only buy grafted specimens and to properly prepare the chicken coop.