Buy ten Chicks, those hatched earlier, could die. The hatchlings have bright shiny eyes. Do not take broilers, whose eyelids are heavy, such birds are lethargic, have a poor appetite.
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Take place to keep chickens. Best of all broilers are growing in closed premises, with adjustable lighting and temperature controlled. Take a box, a cage, a box-warmer, etc. Put back the birds.
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Find materials to help you insulate a place of detention, disinfect the boxes. In the first week the temperature regime should be 30 degrees Celsius. If the room where there are chickens, large, use additional fencing to narrow the location of movement, additional heating sources, e.g., heater.
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Ensure that the desired temperature is reached, remove the limiters and gradually take away one or two degrees heating the room. On the 21st day of broiler remove the heater. Leave the light just above the feeder and place of sleep Chicks. In the first 16 days of life the birds need round-the-clock lighting, then it has to be adjusted.
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Monitor the temperature constantly. If it crashes, Chicks should be placed in a separate cage, the box and heat lamps with infrared heaters or with hot water, sand.
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Build a house based on square meter 60 broilers. Lower the temperature to 4 degrees, alternate every two hours of dark and daylight, keep the temperature mode using lamps with infrared radiation. This will allow the chickens to restrict the movement and increase the weight gain.
Feed broiler chopped egg, sliced boiled carrots, fresh greens. Enter the ration of feed manufactured in the factory. Can cook food for yourself, it must include vitamins, minerals, adequate amount of carbohydrates and protein. Include cereals, mix them with crushed boiled potatoes. Let the broiler the cheese, fresh dairy products.
Keep drinking water. Buy a few drinkers with a ratio of two litres for every 50 heads of chickens. Take a section of the trough with a length of 5 cm on each broiler. Place the flume trough at the rate of one thing for thirty chickens. In densely content is provided in close contact with each other, it is conducive to the occurrence of pecking, it should be enough space. In good weather the birds can release a walk under my eye.
With a ten-age should enter into the diet of fish, grass meal. These products are well mixed with feed. Periodically feed chickens crushed chalk, bone meal, crushed shells.
Add to drinking water potassium permanganate or baking soda, if you notice diarrhea in birds. Check the cleanliness of the bedding, cage, crate or boxes. Change the water daily and use only clean feeders.
Weigh broilers daily, get Libra. The norm is carcass, weighing 2-3 kg. Upon reaching the desired value and further feeding is impractical.