The most favorable time for breeding bird young - April - may. From chickens bred at a later date, puberty takes place in the fall (in terms of gradually decreasing photoperiod). First of all, it affects the development: before the onset of frost, the young do not have time to get stronger, delayed molting (which will eventually affect the productivity and viability).

To achieve good vyvodyaschy and get a viable young, you need to take care of the quality of the eggs for incubation. First of all, regularly remove them from the nest, the chicken will cause dirt and spoil the eggs with their paws.

Demolished the egg is the body temperature of a bird. Its contents, cooling down, decreases in volume. The resulting free space inside the egg through the pores in the blunt end is filled with air. If the nest is dirty, dusty litter, together with the air in the egg do germs mold spores that contribute to the deterioration and destruction of embryos.

In the case when want to grow a large number of young cattle for meat, you can use the eggs of any weight, besides the obvious marriage. Round, long, or flattened laterally for insertion in the incubator are not suitable. It is better to take eggs only with a strong, clean, and smooth shell. Sometimes on its surface are visible dark spots that would suggest that stale eggs. For incubation they the soon after laying they receive and rapidly growing mold.

The incubator is better to place in a room where the temperature is constantly maintained in the range of 15-22 degrees Celsius. The incubation waste material is placed in the tray. In the apparatus to this point needs to be created all the necessary conditions: temperature, humidity, ventilation.

The entire period of incubation can be divided into three phases that differ from each other different indices.

In the initial period of incubation the eggs require more heat, poor ventilation. They need to warm up.

The average period differ somewhat lower temperature than in the primary, but stronger ventilation.

During the withdrawal the temperature was lowered even more, and the humidity and ventilation should be strengthened. Before fetching youngsters significantly reduce the humidity so that the Chicks have dried up.

For chicken eggs the initial period lasts from the first to the eleventh day, mid - set before the start of the output, and the output period of the time, I hear the peep of Chicks.

Don't forget to turn of hatching eggs in trays (especially in the early days), otherwise the embryos can stick to the shell and die. Cooling is also required. Thanks to all that conditions of incubation are approaching the natural, created by the hens.

Cool incubation eggs should start from the middle of the period. This operation can be combined with the coup eggs.

How long to cool? Bring the egg to the eyelid of the eye, and if you do not feel neither heat nor cold, is enough.

Underheating also adversely affect the viability of Chicks. It retards the development of the embryos PIP is delayed, the output is stretched. The young leaves of the eggs with a big belly, sedentary.

Incubation is troublesome, is quite complicated. It is difficult to immediately become a specialist. It all depends on your skills, care. Observe (and record), it will help you continue to make the necessary changes.